Baskin Robbins now at Velocity @ Novena Square!

i scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

this is the best piece of news for all you ice cream fanatics! Baskin Robbins, which has the world’s largest chain of ice cream speciality shops has officially launched it’s second store in Singapore! conveniently located at Velocity @ Novena Square, this is also Baskin Robbin’s 4,000th store! (*gasps)

Baskin Robbin’s International President, Mr. Srinivas Kumar (right)

the event was hosted by none other than Singapore’s favourite SPG, Barbarella from The Noose! i bet ed was star-struck that day, and spongebob must have been too! :P


our taste buds had a ball sampling the 31 flavors available. we didn’t manage to try all 31 but we did pick a few favourites! the cotton candy flavor was particularly impressive, it’s amazing how they managed to capture the exact same taste of cotton candy. takes you right back to the carnival days!

we created a milk shake which ed calls the “chocolate kamikaze”, it’s basically a mix of green tea & chocolate. before you start frowning in doubt, trust me, it was really good!


…ed with the winning combi & spongebob getting a taste of the chocolate kamikaze!

apart from ice cream & shakes, Baskin Robbins also specialises in customisable cakes for all occasions!

you get to make your cake from scratch! simply choose between the devil’s food chocolate cake and a white sponge cake, and pair it with practically any Baskin Robbin’s ice cream flavor! it’s sooooo exciting i can’t wait to try! whose birthday is up next?

these sundaes are only available in singapore! at $9.50 for a single scoop & $10.50 for a double, you’d be quite silly to go or a single scoop. doubles for the win! :D and as if a free flow of ice cream all night wasn’t enough, we were presented with a bag full of goodies! (jumps around like a happy kid!)

just what we needed to take quick notes! not like we actually did. the ice cream sampling was keeping us well busy. i can’t bear to use the neon pink pencil, it’s so.. PINK! i spy with my little eye coupons for more free ice cream… anyone up for an ice cream date? :P

Baskin Robbins is located at Velocity @ Novena Square, #01-72/73 & Clementi Mall, 04-K1/K2. For more information, visit

here’s something i’ll remember for a long time :)

how often do you get a celebrity scooping you ice cream? we were soooo lucky! ed found another video taken by someone else and we got caught on camera!

see it in ed’s post on cinnamonsin below! :)

Baskin Robbins / Kenny Rogers (Velocity) ED: So we made our way to Baskin Robins and the event started already! Luckily Jeanine had media invites so we got free goodie bags! Which has totally awesome contents! (pst got a freeee Banana Royale and a freeee pint vouchers leh!! ha I’m Singaporean too k so i also like free stuff) we were also entitled to ALL WE CAN EAT ICE-CREAM OMFG plus we were given a chance at the milkshake making contest! That aside, guess who I met there! That’s rightt … Read More

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dinner at kenny's (via cinnamonsin)

kenny rogers has been my favourite go to place for roasted chicken since i was a kid and no trip to kenny’s would be complete without a side order of mac & cheese and the potato salad. oddly, ed picked the exact two sides when we were at kenny’s for dinns last thursday!

i’m still trying to catch up with all my work backlogged from the seemingly, never-ending birthday celebrations (which have since come to a halt, for now at least) so i’m really glad ed took the time to blog about this! :)

Baskin Robbins / Kenny Rogers (Velocity) ED: I headed over to Velocity with fellow foodie Jeanine for waittt for it – BASKIN ROBBINS media invites grand opening! But we were early and hungry so we hiked escalators and scouted around for dinner. We were debating over a few choices. We checked out Salad Stop first, but the whole shop was GREEN in colour! Can you imagine? That made me stop and turn around it actually made me feel sick and not wanna eat my veggies anymore. We then headed to … Read More

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Quiznos (via cinnamonsin)

morning everyone! ♥
sorry for disappearing off the grid for so long… it’s been an insane past week to say the least, attended the grand opening of Baskin Robbins on thursday and the foodies threw a really fab hotel birthday party over the weekend!

it’s monday and it’s back to reality for most of us,  all good things must come to an end (how unfair!) some of the foodies are on leave, while i have tons of emails and orders to catch up with. before my blog gets stale, check out ed’s latest review on our visit to Quiznos! it’s my favourite place for subs by the way :)

i’ll be back with updates once i get some backlog out of the way, so bear with my “laggy-ness” for a bit. happy monday! :) love, jean

Quiznos ED: Recently i have been infected with a healthy eating disease. For the past week I’ve been eating oats, chicken breast, veggies, brown rice, fruits anything healthy and low in unhealthy fat! Those of you who know me would think I’m BSing but I’m not! Truth is I’m actually on a work out regimen which would work better with a healthy diet. But so far the regimen isn’t working as i ain’t working out as much cause I’ve been sick since last week :/ … Read More

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salad attack!

meet my first ever potato salad. (:

i saw ed’s sister’s mango, avocado & prawn salad post last night and was craving for a “salad fix” today. don’t have avocado at home & i didn’t want to dig through the freezer for prawns so i settled for a potato, egg and salami alternative instead. (yes jones, i’m enjoying your salami, ALOT!)

it’s a really simple dish to put together but it tasted really good considering it’s my first attempt at a potato salad. mummy doesn’t really make salads other than her “famous” fruit salad. if you wanna try making this, here’s how! :)

  • dice potatoes and boil
  • hard boil an egg then cut into 8 wedges. or you could slice them, it’s up to you really…
  • cut cherry tomatoes in half or leave them whole
  • for homemade croutons, usually i’d fry them in butter in a pan but today i got a tad lazy and just tossed them into the toaster along with the salami cut into small pieces so the bread absorbs some of the flavour (yummmm)
  • when all that is done you just have to throw everything into a deep bowl, add butter, mayonnaise, a tablespoon of olive oil, bacon ranch dressing, sea salt and a dash of cayenne pepper for a kick of spice. i also added small cubes of gruyere cheese cos i love cheese!
  • for presentation purposes you can add the croutons last, which i totally forgot about cos i was so hungry. they’ll also stay crunchy longer that way
  • sprinkle with grated parmesan (optional)

go with your gut when it comes to how much dressing to add, i really don’t stick to measurements when i cook, it’s a taste and see thing for me. and you should really check out rachel’s salad post, i’m sure it’s much healthier than mine! ♥

Mango, Avocado & Prawn Salad Rach: Just a little something to share with you guys :) I’ll just keep this short and sweet as I’m not that good with words. But it’s probably one of the best salads I’ve made and tried so far. Key ingredients that you’ll need: Mango – For that tangy sweetness (to complement the prawns). Avocado – A good healthier substitute for mayonnaise for that creamy goodness. Prawns – Adds some crunch to it… and you won’t feel like a total herbivore. Butt … Read More

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my 26th birthday at Lawry's The Prime Rib (via cinnamonsin)

after 3 days of celebrations, and 3 days of being back to reality, the fact that i’m already 26 still hasn’t really sunk in. butttttttttt, it was probably the best birthday ever! (or should i say so far in 26 years?) seriously, do you know anyone who celebrates their birthday for a whole 3 days?

the joys in my life right now, you should know all their names by now! and nicole of course, being nicole. she bought me those balloons and fyi, they’re still inflated and floating. i wonder if it will ever deflate?

mummy & daddy, who do i look like? everyone says i have mummy’s eyes, but that’s about it? :/

honestly i’ve never been the flower sort of girl. i used to be obsessed with blue roses at some point but that was a really long time ago and i never quite knew what to do with the flowers after they wither. i tried drying them to keep but then they just dry up and break down and become nothing. in the end i have to throw them away anyway..

the sunflower ed gave me :)

i never quite realised how cute sunflowers were. i have plans for this one when it withers… time to cultivate green fingers and try growing sunflowers outside my bedroom window! i hope it works? hahaha wish me luck! will probably need mummy’s expertise tho…

anyhoos! ed’s done a review on our dinner at Lawry’s! :)

Lawry's The Prime Rib ED: There’s something primal and prehistoric about having a gigantic roasted tenderloin trophy presented before everyone seated at the dinner table. My pupils enlarged and posture stiffened as the chef parked a shiny metallic sumo warmer right beside our table. The chef unintentionally teased us by lifting the lid once to check and everyone cranked their necks sideways just to take a peek! Which was a terrible mistake as the chef shut the lid and … Read More

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Pan Fried Fries Tossed With Chive Butter, Basil, Garlic Confit And Lemon Juice (via cinnamonsin)

ed’s at it again. (cooking up mouth watering dishes that is…) i love potatoes, and this made me so hungry. i haven’t tried these but they look as if they would beat BFF’s fries hands down! (recipe included!) enjoy! :P

Pan Fried Fries Tossed With Chive Butter, Basil, Garlic Confit And Lemon Juice ED: My hands got itchy and i just had to cook something today. I ransacked my kitchen and found 2 russet potatoes sitting in the basket crying out my name. I found BFF (best friends forever) for them. Butter, chives, basil and garlic. Can never go wrong with those! Squeezed a lemon cheek to freshen and complete this super simple and tasty dish. (; Ingredients 2 Russet Potatoes About 2 tbs Corn Starch or Flour Olive Oil (enough to coat pan) 4 Garl … Read More

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Peperoni Pizzeria (via cinnamonsin)

it’s big, it’s yummy, it’s… Peperoni’s 21 inch pizza!

guaranteed to WOW, the 21 inch looks intimidating in size, but is light enough to be enjoyed by the famous five.. i mean, the foodie five. we’re back in full force and ready to devour the world of hungry tummy-satisfying eats!

read more about Peperoni’s Pizzeria in ed’s post on cinnamonsin:

Peperoni Pizzeria ED: After parting ways and left to fend for our own stomachs, alas we are reunited once again. Us mentally corrupted foodies rolled out the map and marked out our next conquest. A cigarette lined with ashes resting steadily on the side of the lips, eyes squinting from the table lamp and hands trembling with hunger for yeast, we placed our mark. Peperoni Pizzerie. Nothing said. We jumped into the Mercedes mobile and Driver Jones sped through on co … Read More

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mmmmmm pancakes! ♥

you all already know how much i love pancakes, right?

well this… this is absolute pancake heaven. some time ago Sarah who writes at Sarah’s Loft hosted a PANCAKE CHALLENGE. i’m not kidding.. not a pancake eating challenge but a challenge to create the yummiest pancake! Ed & his sister Rachel definitely did not sit out on this challenge and they came in 4th with their earl grey infused pancakes with caramelised bananas & blueberry compote. *gasppp. just saying that makes me crave. congrats to you two! :)

Sarah's Loft Great Pancake Challenge Results! ED: Hey guys! The much anticipated results are out! THE GREAT PANCAKE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!! We didn’t win. )): but we got 4th! Check out her page to see what other contestants popped out of their pans! … Read More

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these are oatmeal pancakes with strawberry sauce that took 3rd place… oatmeal pancakes… i can’t quite imagine how they’d taste but i might just have a go at it sometime! *tummy rumbles

( read all about the Pancake Challenge here )

pssstttttt : selected recipes included! *happy dance! :)

♥ jean

♥ salted caramel (via cinnamonsin)

mmmmmmmm I’ve been waiting for ed to blog about this! I’ve been to salted caramel twice in…3 weeks? both times i had the earl grey ice cream… when we were there on sunday with mimi, we tried the strawberry ice cream which is unlike your typical scoop of strawberry ice cream! no fancy pink food colorings that’s for sure.. if affogato makes your scoop, or maybe you have no idea what an affogato is… read on, and enjoy! :)

Salted Caramel ED: 15 years ago, mini me would beg mom and dad politely with puss in boots eyes for ice cream. If I was a good boy, theyd buy me a paddle pop. (Zzz) Or maybe a waffle ice cream from ice cream uncle. What ever type of ice cream i would shut up and eat, and be a happy kid. I only realized Ive been fooled all my life when i had Swensons for the first time. On the contrary, kids these days are spoiled for choice for many new brands of ice cream. B … Read More

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Greenwood Fish Market Bistro (via cinnamonsin)

…the mentally corrupted foodies’ latest food escapade!

disclaimer :
i will not be responsible should you feel a sudden urge to head down to greenwood and order everything on the menu.

that said, enjoy!

Greenwood Fish Market Bistro ED: Bukit Timah is a beautiful and tranquil place to be at night but around the corner is a little avenue by the name of greenwood which is buzzing with quietly elegant sounds of chattering laughter, clattering cutlery and clinking wine glasses. I myself am buzzing with nail biting anticipation of awesomeness. That’s right, Greenwood Fish Market Bistro is home to the freshest cold water fish and seafood from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA an … Read More

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