Peperoni Pizzeria (via cinnamonsin)

it’s big, it’s yummy, it’s… Peperoni’s 21 inch pizza!

guaranteed to WOW, the 21 inch looks intimidating in size, but is light enough to be enjoyed by the famous five.. i mean, the foodie five. we’re back in full force and ready to devour the world of hungry tummy-satisfying eats!

read more about Peperoni’s Pizzeria in ed’s post on cinnamonsin:

Peperoni Pizzeria ED: After parting ways and left to fend for our own stomachs, alas we are reunited once again. Us mentally corrupted foodies rolled out the map and marked out our next conquest. A cigarette lined with ashes resting steadily on the side of the lips, eyes squinting from the table lamp and hands trembling with hunger for yeast, we placed our mark. Peperoni Pizzerie. Nothing said. We jumped into the Mercedes mobile and Driver Jones sped through on co … Read More

via cinnamonsin

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