Antoinette, avec mon cheris

We’ve been talking about Antoinette for the longest time now, but the visit had been pushed back time & time again. BUT! We finally made the dinner over the weekend. It’s definitely not a place for huge gatherings; very cosy, and you should be on your best behaviour, and have some royal etiquette. (just kidding)

 crêpe with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers & salad

salad lyonnaise

burger royale

blueberry blinis with vanilla cream chantilly & maple syrup

choux pastry with rose-infused glaze & fresh cream

…sweet endings

I don’t usually have good things to say about the service standard in Singapore, but the staff here were really quite patient & considerate despite packing a full house. We changed tables twice cos Mimi was late, but they handled us very well! Kudos for that.

Antoinette is located at : 333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34  Singapore 238897 Tel: 68369527

They also have outlets at Penhas Road & Scarlet Hotel. You might want to check out their Facebook page.  I hope this made you very hungry. :)

la nuit dernière, dîner avec les amis

It’s been awhile since we’ve sat down & had a nice cosy dinner together, so we settled on Bistro Du Vin. French food, french wine, far away from the parade. We had quite a hard time finding the place, but on a side note, town was surprisingly quiet on National Day. (Might have been the best time to go shopping really.)

For starters, let me just say that… You really shouldn’t eat too much bread before the appetizers & mains, BUT! The bread here is way too awesome & we just couldn’t get enough. We even had seconds.

  Salad with Goat’s Cheese & Filo Pastry || Escargots

French Onion Soup with Melted Gruyère Cheese

I’d go back again just to have a bowl of this, & their awesome baguettes. It’s like comfort food for the soul. Who’s in?

 Salmon Gravlax || Foie Gras

Indeed, salmon gravlax should be left to the Swedish, not French. Although the gravlax tastes more refreshing, I still prefer smoked salmon, I think.

French Duck Confit

As long as there is duck confit on the menu, I probably will order it. I’m still searching for the perfect confit, but this was pretty good. The skin was nice & crisp, not too salty.

Coq Au Vin (French Braised Chicken)

Soufflé || Tarte Au Pommes (French Apple Tart)

The last time I had a Soufflé was probably… Geeee, I don’t even remember. Possibly years back when I was still working at The Ritz Carlton.
I was deciding between the apple tart & the crème brûlée; I’m glad I ordered the apple tart cause it was fantastic, although the serving was a tad too small. Makes me wanna bake now..

I haven’t had a chance to look at the total bill (yet) but my personal share alone was… the most I’ve spent on dinner ever; I blame it on the wine. I’m pretty sure we spent at least $300 on dinner. Ahhh la bonne vie!


we were just craving for more ramly burgers. mimi is addicted to this photo app on her iphone, so whilst waiting for the jones the driver..

I’ve never been to Geylang Serai, I think. Tuesday would have been my first time, and it was a little weird with the chinese ge tai on one side of the road and malays on the other. Urrrmmmm, the perfect example of racial harmony in Singapore?

Since mimi took so much trouble to create the collages, I might as well use them. The burgers here don’t quite match up to the originals in Malaysia. It’s quite depressing really. :(

I had the intention of bringing out the pop pops we bought but of course, i forgot. What’s new? So we had fun cam-whoring with nicole’s geek glasses instead.

dinner at TWG

after attending the Forever 21 media launch at orchard xchange yesterday evening, ed decided he was going to have wanton mee with his cousin, while mimi & i plonked ourselves down at TWG Salon & Boutique at Ion for a quick dinner before heading to new asia bar for fashion tv’s vip party.

( photo from )

this is fast becoming a favourite haunt… i love the overall ambience, it’s so classy & cosy.. the service staff there are really nice! most of the managers are french, gives me an excuse to brush up on my french..  it’s been a long while since my 3 months of french lessons have come in handy.. or was it 6 months? :/

i forgot to take a photo of the menu so i can’t really remember the exact food descriptions.. this was our first time having food at TWG. i just had to try it!

foie gras terrine with sakura sakura tea jelly & salad $29

this was yummy! mimi ordered this, i only took a small bite, but i probably would order this when i go there in future, i want a whole serving for myself! :P it’s a very clever combi i reckon, the jelly really refreshes your taste buds in between  mouthfuls of full-flavored foie gras.

scottish smoked salmon & caviar served with toast $28

it was drizzled with a particular tea, i can’t remember what it’s called tho, i need to see the menu again! sigh! why did i forget… boo me. :(

i was actually worried we’d still be hungry… but the toast was really filling! i didn’t even finish all of it, but i finished the salmon of course. it was yummayee :)

mimi had this glass of champagne i don’t know what, it had tea in it too if i’m not wrong… i so want to try it the next time we go there.. i stared at the tea menu and was totally clueless on what to have so i had the waiter pick one for me and he picked an apple tea cos he has a sweet tooth! :)

coincidentally, he served us on monday and he served us again last night! his name is shawn/shaun/sean. i don’t know which spelling but anyhoos! i like familiar faces, it’s like being around friends, you enjoy yourself a lot more.


i think the staff there are a notch above other f&b establishments… or maybe it’s just me i don’t know… but they make us feel very welcome & at home! it was only our second visit to twg at ion but they recognized us already! (we were there pretty late on monday night for tea and a slice of berry something something) makes me wanna go back again & again & again!

they saw us taking tons of photos and offered to take a shot for us! :)

we were seated at the same table! it’s like the best table if you ask me, it’s right next to the pastry “trolley”! hopefully one day we can try everything in that glassy display… everything looks so good! (and sinful!)

did i mention i bought $64 worth of tea when we were there on monday?(*gasps) i know it’s crazy but i love their teas. i got my favourite french earl grey & a tin of their signature black tea..

last night’s bill came up to $98.85 for two of us.. doesn’t hurt to indulge once in a while, but i think for us, once in a while is starting to become a little too often.. :P

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique @ ION Shopping Mall 
2 Orchard Turn, #02 – 21
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6735 1837
Fax: +65 6736 1837

ochre at orchard central

pan fried foie gras with balsamic strawberry & pistachio brioche

caramelised foie gras with balsamic strawberry & pistachio brioche

smoked spanish eel & ricotta cheese frittata, horseradish sour cream, marinated cucumber

that was what we had for antipasto… are you hyper-ventilating yet? *grin

it was mimi’s birthday and we had a nice, quiet, cosy dinner at ochre @ orchard central.. just the three of us, mimi, jones, & me! now for the second course…

spaghetti with crystal bay prawns, fresh tomato sauce & basil


                     left : braised quail risotto with young corn, parmigiano reggiano
                                               right : mushroom soup with truffle oil

now for the mains!

pan fried fillet of halibut, black olive & anchovy coulis, ratatouille

seared beef tenderloin with marsala wine sauce, gorgonzola fondue & grilled vegetables

char grilled kurobuta loin, whole grain mustard & sherry vinegar sauce, roasted apple puree

and finally, dessert.


 coconut mousse with passion fruit gelato & mango compote

cookies & macarons

with head chef, Kentaro Torii

Capable of transforming even a simple luncheon into an extravagant affair, Executive Chef Kentaro Torii promises the most exciting dining experience at OChre.

Born in Kanagawa, Tokyo, Kentaro started training as a chef from the tender age of 18. He travelled through Europe for inspiration and took a particular interest in Italy – for its rich culture and diverse cuisines. Kentaro perfected his cuisine whilst based in the Lombardy region (Italy), including his signature risotto.

overall, it was amazing. it’s been awhile since i last had foie gras & it was very nicely done. we all left with happy tummies.. if i remember correctly it was $68++ per person, subject to additional charges for the choice of food, it was a +$10 for the foie gras as well as the beef steak. a tad pricey in general but for the quality of the food in addition to awesome company, it was well worth it. :)

and i fell in love with something that night…

amaretto ginger… i foresee this being a favourite for a long time to come :)

OChre is located at Orchard Central.
181 Orchard Road #11-03/04, Singapore 238896

chit's bar & restaurant

we had a very impromptu dinner threesome last sunday. tucked away in changi, this is not somewhere you would stumble upon, unless you have a car and decide to go on a food hunt. jones insisted we have dinner so he came to pick me up after church and went back to his place to swop cars and went to get mimi!

jones’ bacon cheeseburger $15.50

i thought it was okay, he thought it wasn’t up to par. i guess everything tastes good when you’re mad hungry. my choice didn’t disappoint.

veal bratwurst sausage with potato mash and vegetables $18.00

somehow i realised i make expensive food choices most of the time… but, in defense, that doesn’t make me high maintenance! and yes, i love my meats :)

mimi’s spicy thai seafood salad $16.50

i didn’t really try much of this but it was really quite a small portion, obviously wasn’t substantial enough and we had to order chicken wings which were kinda pricey at $11.50 for 5 wings. or is that normal? :/

we also had a round of drinks, coronas are $9 a bottle, pina colada’s are $14 a glass, mimi had a strawberry milkshake for $7.50 and they charged us $5.50 for a bottle of panna water! was telling jones we could drink sea water and get happy hallucinations…

overall the food was okay, the ambience was really nice BUT! here’s the big BUT. watch out for the sandflies, i became a blood sacrifice that night suffering over 10 sandfly bites which have been killing me the past few days while jones & mimi didn’t get a single bite. you know they say life is unfair but yea what’s a little blood sacrifice for your friends eh? :/

chit’s bar & restaurant is located at :
11 Changi Coast Walk Singapore 499740
6214 9168 // Open Daily 12pm-12am

dinner at kenny's (via cinnamonsin)

kenny rogers has been my favourite go to place for roasted chicken since i was a kid and no trip to kenny’s would be complete without a side order of mac & cheese and the potato salad. oddly, ed picked the exact two sides when we were at kenny’s for dinns last thursday!

i’m still trying to catch up with all my work backlogged from the seemingly, never-ending birthday celebrations (which have since come to a halt, for now at least) so i’m really glad ed took the time to blog about this! :)

Baskin Robbins / Kenny Rogers (Velocity) ED: I headed over to Velocity with fellow foodie Jeanine for waittt for it – BASKIN ROBBINS media invites grand opening! But we were early and hungry so we hiked escalators and scouted around for dinner. We were debating over a few choices. We checked out Salad Stop first, but the whole shop was GREEN in colour! Can you imagine? That made me stop and turn around it actually made me feel sick and not wanna eat my veggies anymore. We then headed to … Read More

via cinnamonsin

Quiznos (via cinnamonsin)

morning everyone! ♥
sorry for disappearing off the grid for so long… it’s been an insane past week to say the least, attended the grand opening of Baskin Robbins on thursday and the foodies threw a really fab hotel birthday party over the weekend!

it’s monday and it’s back to reality for most of us,  all good things must come to an end (how unfair!) some of the foodies are on leave, while i have tons of emails and orders to catch up with. before my blog gets stale, check out ed’s latest review on our visit to Quiznos! it’s my favourite place for subs by the way :)

i’ll be back with updates once i get some backlog out of the way, so bear with my “laggy-ness” for a bit. happy monday! :) love, jean

Quiznos ED: Recently i have been infected with a healthy eating disease. For the past week I’ve been eating oats, chicken breast, veggies, brown rice, fruits anything healthy and low in unhealthy fat! Those of you who know me would think I’m BSing but I’m not! Truth is I’m actually on a work out regimen which would work better with a healthy diet. But so far the regimen isn’t working as i ain’t working out as much cause I’ve been sick since last week :/ … Read More

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dim sum dollies!

i went topshop shopping with the girls (mimi, clara, & nicole) on tuesday and boy did we go on a massive shopping spree! bad planning though, we really shouldn’t have waited till the last day of may to use my 20% birthday discount, but anyhoos! total damage for the day including pre-shopping at miss selfridge + dinner + snacks i’d say we spent about $1k that day. (seriously? gulps)

we had dim sum from fortunate restaurant located within food republic at wisma. i’ve been craving dim sum for the longest time and this pacified me a bit, but i’m still not entirely content cos they didn’t have all the dishes i wanted.. (MAJOR HINT) i guess you can’t ask too much of dim sum in a food court huh? knock yourselves out! :)


xiao long bao / prawn dumplings with scallop / har gau


siew mai / chee cheong fun with shrimp / paper wrapped chicken

the bill came up to $24 for a total of 6 dishes, i think that’s pretty reasonable. urrrrrr, but considering 3 siew mais cost more than $1 on an average of $4 per dish… maybe not. i’m sure there are places that offer more value for money.

taste wise it wasn’t too bad, although the xlbs didn’t have as much broth in them as i wish they did and they tend to get really stuck to the paper. (which means the “skin” tears and i lose more broth!) the paper wrapped chicken was really too dry even tho it tasted quite nice. to make things worse there was hardly any meat on it. too skinny! chickens getting slaughtered should never be granted diets! pfftt!

mmmmm, i keep hearing of this red star restaurant that supposedly has dim sum that kicks ass. *tummy rumbles

…now, who wants to take me out for dim sum? *grins

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