dinner at TWG

after attending the Forever 21 media launch at orchard xchange yesterday evening, ed decided he was going to have wanton mee with his cousin, while mimi & i plonked ourselves down at TWG Salon & Boutique at Ion for a quick dinner before heading to new asia bar for fashion tv’s vip party.

( photo from http://www.frvtravel.com )

this is fast becoming a favourite haunt… i love the overall ambience, it’s so classy & cosy.. the service staff there are really nice! most of the managers are french, gives me an excuse to brush up on my french..  it’s been a long while since my 3 months of french lessons have come in handy.. or was it 6 months? :/

i forgot to take a photo of the menu so i can’t really remember the exact food descriptions.. this was our first time having food at TWG. i just had to try it!

foie gras terrine with sakura sakura tea jelly & salad $29

this was yummy! mimi ordered this, i only took a small bite, but i probably would order this when i go there in future, i want a whole serving for myself! :P it’s a very clever combi i reckon, the jelly really refreshes your taste buds in between  mouthfuls of full-flavored foie gras.

scottish smoked salmon & caviar served with toast $28

it was drizzled with a particular tea, i can’t remember what it’s called tho, i need to see the menu again! sigh! why did i forget… boo me. :(

i was actually worried we’d still be hungry… but the toast was really filling! i didn’t even finish all of it, but i finished the salmon of course. it was yummayee :)

mimi had this glass of champagne i don’t know what, it had tea in it too if i’m not wrong… i so want to try it the next time we go there.. i stared at the tea menu and was totally clueless on what to have so i had the waiter pick one for me and he picked an apple tea cos he has a sweet tooth! :)

coincidentally, he served us on monday and he served us again last night! his name is shawn/shaun/sean. i don’t know which spelling but anyhoos! i like familiar faces, it’s like being around friends, you enjoy yourself a lot more.


i think the staff there are a notch above other f&b establishments… or maybe it’s just me i don’t know… but they make us feel very welcome & at home! it was only our second visit to twg at ion but they recognized us already! (we were there pretty late on monday night for tea and a slice of berry something something) makes me wanna go back again & again & again!

they saw us taking tons of photos and offered to take a shot for us! :)

we were seated at the same table! it’s like the best table if you ask me, it’s right next to the pastry “trolley”! hopefully one day we can try everything in that glassy display… everything looks so good! (and sinful!)

did i mention i bought $64 worth of tea when we were there on monday?(*gasps) i know it’s crazy but i love their teas. i got my favourite french earl grey & a tin of their signature black tea..

last night’s bill came up to $98.85 for two of us.. doesn’t hurt to indulge once in a while, but i think for us, once in a while is starting to become a little too often.. :P

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique @ ION Shopping Mall 
2 Orchard Turn, #02 – 21
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6735 1837
Fax: +65 6736 1837

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