My Sunday Buys ♥

For awhile now I’ve spent my sundays sleeping in, having lunch at home, going to church, dinner and sunday would be over. Well yesterday was really different! I spent the afternoon at A-Mod at TripleOne Somerset with Mimi & Skye.

I’ll do a proper post about the event we were at, here’s a couple of photos for now tho… We got our hair styled by stylists from Bonafides! They gave me really pretty big curls, I loved them so much that I really didn’t wanna wash out the curls when i got home last night!

I think the curls somehow frame my face better. Mimi got curls too and so did Skye. More photos when I do up the event post! We were each given a free accessory courtesy of A-Mod, mine was this gun metal ring. It’s bad ass! And i decided to buy this simple charm necklace to match.

After the event Mimi & I had dinner at Applebees and it was pretty yummy! I’ll leave that for a separate post too, now let me get to what i bought!

We got the “tip off” from Skye who knew i was looking for new super faded blue skinny jeans that would actually fit me. (i’m a tiny size 6)  Newlook was having this 50% off the second pair of jeans so we had to go check it out. True enough, i found the last pair of the faded blues in size 6! lucky me! if you’re a size 6 too, i’m sorry.. :(


While i was waiting for Mimi to try out her stuff i went roaming around the store and found this really pretty dusty pink/nude blazer. last piece in size 8, thank goodness it fits so i scored that too! along with 2 basic white tanks to go with my new skinnies. while waiting to pay i picked up a pair of dangly earrings and a bunch of rings.

altho the pocket damage was pretty heavy yesterday, i’m a happy bunny :)

hope everyone had an equally fulfilling weekend, and have a fab week ahead!

♥ jean

Buttered Nights…

i think last wednesday was the most fun i’ve ever had at Butter… ben said, “this is the first time i didn’t see you around the whole night” well, true that, i was running all over the place and i counted, throughout the entire night, i got hit THREE TIMES by drunk people… the last one being the worse. some big guy getting thrown out by the bouncer and he hit my arm while struggling. oh well!


for the first time i didn’t take very many, cos for once i wasn’t hiding around the console.. hahaha

my long lost friends whom i haven’t partied with in a longgggg time.. Don & Shir

more party people!

clockwise : eka, valerie, rui zhou, bertrand, dwi and me!

and if you’re thinking eka and dwi look quite alike, well, they’re brothers! i think dwi is adorable btw… it was his first time at a club and he was shy beyond words really. took quite abit to get him moving…

come to think of it that’s the first night i spent in BUMP instead of FASH, and they have poles in BUMP! yes i tried it, it’s so much fun really! the next day was bad tho, i had slight bruises on my upper arm from too much pole-friction. but i think it was well worth the aches! was asking ben if i could learn pole dance, he’s like… NOOOOOOOOOO. but why? :(

anyway, Dwi again.

i don’t know how to describe it, he just has this cool kid face. it’s like taking a photo with some celebrity. haha! see, i told you there weren’t much photos.. see the rest of facebook!

HAPPY SUNDAY everyone! :)

love, jean

all about my 24th birthday!

are you ready? this is gonna be longgg! a “summary” of my 24th birthday celebrations! :)

(now you’ll understand why i’ve been so busy…)

28th may 2009


dinner at OVEREASY

on my birthday, we were in luck… the STI had closed lower for the day and PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS were a dollar each!

we ordered 12 at first, and another 5 when they came around for last orders!



right: ben’s “EGG SKILLET BREAKFAST” complete with toast and strawberry jam!



left: mummy’s caesar salad with garlic toast

right: daddy’s steak with awesome truffled fries!

after all that food,

we didn’t quite have space for the cake that ben bought me… so we went home to settle down and hopefully, we’d have a bit of space for the cake after a car ride!


with mummy and ben!


mummy daddy and me! (so who do i look like?)


oh wait… did i mention that mummy cooked chilli crab for a birthday lunch at home?


how’s that?

well, that was about it for day 1… now.. let’s go on to day 2 of celebrations! :)


we had a BBQ with family and close friends! : )


thank you mummy and daddy for helping with all the preparations! :)


a reunion of the ex-Ritzies!

by that i mean the ex Ritz Carlton colleagues… banquet, room service, greenhouse, snappers…. we’ve been there.


my second birthday cake! thanks don and shirlyn for this! :)


i don’t think we got everyone in this photo… neng and vernice left early, and daddy’s behind the camera!


i got 2 bottles of perfume, one from ferragamo and one from lanvin… a bottle of (very yummy smelling) japanese cherry blossom body lotion from the body shop and a plaid bag, a precious moments rose scent hand wash and lotion set, and two topshop gift cards!


this year was probably the year of best presents.. the best of course from baby… who got me my BAMBOO FUN writing tablet… hehehe

okay, the fun is over… back to work jeanine!

…more updates from me coming soon!

more DONUTS!

the better lot of photos, photo credits to Syaheed!

4268_102525168407_666098407_2735457_8285768_n 4268_102550048407_666098407_2736233_8266788_n

4268_102550053407_666098407_2736234_1702494_n 4268_102525358407_666098407_2735491_2510552_n


i even ran into my old school mate! kimberly teo!

you still look the same you mad person you!

ps : kim, are you still drunk? lol


there’s more actually. but i’m lazy…

go see ’em on facebook! :)

this is the funniest thing ever! gosh


kester andrews will always believe that she is better than that but just too stubborn to realise it says: (12:02:18 AM)

” the entire morning i was at home, talking on the phone and around 1, i started packing up to leave the house therefore i placed my cordless in my pocket cause i want to left outside my room. so i went off, dashed to my car and went to plaza sing then i was walking to SMU, i felt a bulge in my left pocket therefore i wondered what is it cause my handphone and mp3 is in my right pocket.

so i tried  to feel the left side… it felt bulky

it was my cordless phone.

i actually brought out my home phone with me…”

Jeanine on


here are some of the photos from the shoot i recently did for TiniEyes! Check out the website and grab these great apparels before they sell out!

picture-17jamie (left) jeanine – me (right)


picture-131reaching for the stars!





there’s much more on the website so go check out today!

plus! the accessories you see us wearing in the photo are all from my website,


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