all about my 24th birthday!

are you ready? this is gonna be longgg! a “summary” of my 24th birthday celebrations! :)

(now you’ll understand why i’ve been so busy…)

28th may 2009


dinner at OVEREASY

on my birthday, we were in luck… the STI had closed lower for the day and PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS were a dollar each!

we ordered 12 at first, and another 5 when they came around for last orders!



right: ben’s “EGG SKILLET BREAKFAST” complete with toast and strawberry jam!



left: mummy’s caesar salad with garlic toast

right: daddy’s steak with awesome truffled fries!

after all that food,

we didn’t quite have space for the cake that ben bought me… so we went home to settle down and hopefully, we’d have a bit of space for the cake after a car ride!


with mummy and ben!


mummy daddy and me! (so who do i look like?)


oh wait… did i mention that mummy cooked chilli crab for a birthday lunch at home?


how’s that?

well, that was about it for day 1… now.. let’s go on to day 2 of celebrations! :)


we had a BBQ with family and close friends! : )


thank you mummy and daddy for helping with all the preparations! :)


a reunion of the ex-Ritzies!

by that i mean the ex Ritz Carlton colleagues… banquet, room service, greenhouse, snappers…. we’ve been there.


my second birthday cake! thanks don and shirlyn for this! :)


i don’t think we got everyone in this photo… neng and vernice left early, and daddy’s behind the camera!


i got 2 bottles of perfume, one from ferragamo and one from lanvin… a bottle of (very yummy smelling) japanese cherry blossom body lotion from the body shop and a plaid bag, a precious moments rose scent hand wash and lotion set, and two topshop gift cards!


this year was probably the year of best presents.. the best of course from baby… who got me my BAMBOO FUN writing tablet… hehehe

okay, the fun is over… back to work jeanine!

…more updates from me coming soon!

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