Four bags in a week.

This week I went bag crazy, it started with this.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.56.11 AM

Ted Baker Apcon Bow Tablet Case from ASOS $82.82

I may not have an iPad, but I figured if it can hold an iPad, it should fit my phone, some cards, cash and some makeup so I bought it with the intention of using it as a clutch. Who knows, maybe down the road I might end up with a tablet? The day after I bought this on ASOS  I received the “ADDITIONAL 10% OFF SALE” email, I almost cried. But I’m glad I snagged the last piece in pink on ASOS, because it retails for $99 at the Ted Baker store in Ion. *gasppp

With the additional 10% off sale code, I couldn’t help it and found myself on ASOS. AGAIN.

asos scallop bag

ASOS Scallop Double Buckle Across Body Bag – Lemon $53.09
river island aztec

River Island Aztec Print Buckle Front Cross Body Bag – Pink $53.09

I paid $95.56 for both bags after the 10% off. Definitely a good deal for two bags! Can’t wait to start adding some bright colors to my outfits!

hm strawbag


Straw bag from H&M $19.90

While shopping with Robin yesterday we spotted this straw beach bag from H&M going for just $19.90 and he got it for me! :D

It was the last piece in white, but they also have it in a dark blue.


We also got this Cookie Monster plushie from H&M for $9.90, he’s just too cute to resist! Obviously not very happy about being put into a bag without his cookie stash. ^-^

Happy weekend! xx

Steals from Cotton On!

Okay before anything, let me just say, this is not an advertorial of sorts, I was just really amazed at how low Cotton On has slashed its prices online! I got a whole box of stuff for under $30.

You can even get a playsuit for $2, it’s beyond ridiculous! I don’t even want to go into whether they are making a profit from this…

I saw these the last time I was at Rubi in Ion, was tempted but didn’t buy them. I saw these online and I just had to… They were $5 each. $15 to grow my “clutch” collection by 3, not bad.

This top, also $5! I’ve always wanted a casual loose tee that goes with jeans, shorts and leggings, not bad for a $5 find.

No prize for guessing how much this long sleeved top cost….. Yes, $5 too! This one is comfy! I have a similar one from Vero Moda but it’s a little too cropped to wear with leggings, this one does just fine! Comfy enough for sleeping in too.

AND! If you’re in Asia, you also enjoy FREE SHIPPING! Like I always say, good things are meant to be shared, that applies to bargain buys! xx

hello matiko!

My new Matiko loafers from Revolve finally arrived yesterday just before I left home; so I swapped heels for loafers.

Caught The Smurfs last night & loved it. It’s a really heartfelt movie with a meaningful lesson to take home. Don’t ignore those “once in a blue moon” moments.

Can someone please explain how guy’s minds function these days? Seriously, why in the right mind would anyone accept a bluetooth connection request, on a train? I’m baffled, really.


matiko x belle noel

 Guilty pleasures shopping on Revolve Clothing. Got new loafers from Matiko at 45% off! And the honey hexagon studs from Belle Noel were a tad too cute to resist. I also bought a bralet, but no, I’m not showing you that. I hit USD$100 so I got free shipping, that was pretty much the idea.

I was that close to buying a l/s top by James Perse, but they didn’t have my size. 


summer is here.

i’ve had my eyes on that marc jacobs striped maxi since march, but never got it cos.. until today i still can’t justify spending $500 on a dress with a brand tag. honestly, i’m not that much of a “brand person”, the design is what matters most to me, and since my dear girls at the closet lover (which i used to model for) brought in an inspired piece at a fraction of the price, i decided to add it to my wardrobe for summer! :)

i don’t think i had anything this bright & cheery in my wardrobe, until now that is. it goes really well with the cropped denim jacket i bought from topshop recently, can’t wait to have some summer fun! :)

my bangs have grown out now, don’t think i’ll be wearing bangs for summer, so it’s back to the old me! xoxo

Friday Night Randoms

so i realised i haven’t been blogging for awhile. everything’s just been so hectic. been staying up late to work on designs, remakes, orders, my online store, spending tons of time with friends… i’m sorry for neglecting you, blog. since i decided to come home after dinner to finish up some stuff instead of partying (again), i’m gonna try to make the blog less “stale”.

as you can see, my wardrobe is overflowing. i’m not kidding, it really is. i’ve been buying way too much new clothes, and still haven’t worn most of them… impulse shopping is a really bad habit to kick, not that i regret my purchases, but i just shop way too fast!

i bought this distressed sweater from Love and Bravery two weeks ago. still haven’t gotten a chance to wear it tho… hopefully i will soon! and talk about distressed… i’ve been fussing a lot about my hair lately, my fringe in particular. i’m really hesitant about getting bangs again cos in the past i used to do it myself and it took a really long time to fall into place and then i’d get bored of it… but i definitely need a trim soon!

sigh… it’s a hair dilemma…

everyone on facebook has been telling me to keep it… if i do i guess i have to figure out more ways to style my hair… it’s getting boringgggg. :/ some days my fringe just doesn’t fall properly and i just end up wearing headbands… so school girl… everyone still thinks i’m 21.

but I’m actually 26 this may!

and i still love my bear hugs… i mean, who doesn’t? altho i’d very much prefer a warm human hug anytime…

guess that’s enough of me for now. this was such a narcissistic post… ppffffttt!

have a great weekend everyone! ♥jean

Imma Shoppaholic!

On Saturday I spent almost 20 mins trying to decide if i should buy this bag… It’s small and it costs $69!

But i’m in loveeee with it. it’s so cute and vintagey! i like! :)

I’ve shopped soooooooo much of late. Believe it or not i spent about a hundred on… well, intimates at cotton on body. they were cheapppp like 2 for $30? good deal i reckon! Please scroll down to check out stuff i’m clearing out from my wardrobe. some are brand new!

love, jean

Cos I'm Happy Like That!

What is the one thing that will never fail to make any girl happy?


this is probably just a fraction of the stuff i’ve gotten in the past week or two… new BB silicone cases, a new watch from Aldo, fred perry e-mook bag…

The nautical bag, H & M-inspired wedges and bling bling flats are proudly sponsored by XQUISIS!

PS: Love bags & shoes? Mention “JEANINE” when ordering from XQUISIS to enjoy FREE SHIPPING with ANY TWO items purchased.

I’m a happy bunny :)

So much ANGST.

so, friday was good friday right? and we went for mass… where we sat, there was this family behind with a small girl… she started making soooo much noise i mean, she’s not small like a baby, she’s at least 6 i reckon. she kept whining, whining and whining…”i’m hungrrrryyyyyy i’m hungryyyyy i’m hungryyyyyy” in the most annoying tone! we turned to look a few times, after which her dad tried to shuuush her, but guess what? then the mum starts talking loudly too.

i mean that was bearable, until this young couple came and sat in front of us. the girl, god. i don’t even know where to begin. the moment they sat down she wrapped her arms around her bf’s body. as if they were in the cinema watching a movie… totally oblivious to the entire congregation in front of them. it got worse. she kept pulling him closer to her, whispering ever so often, and even kissing his cheek!


i really had have a mind to tell her off, mummy was getting really annoyed too. so we decided to move to the upper floor. but goshhhhhhhhh! from upstairs, it was an even more annoying sight! throughout like 2 hours of the mass, never once did she stop trying to touch her bf. even when kneeling she had to have her arm wrapped around his. seriously, was she that afraid he would run off during mass or what?

for god’s sake really. have a little consideration for others who are actually there to attend mass?

anyways, ben and i went for dinner at AMK hub, then went walking around after… i turned the corner and saw…

RUBI was having a MASSIVE SALE!

that’s not why i got mad, why would i? well they had this offer, ANY 2 SANDALS FOR $20. i thought it was too good to be true, so i went to ask one of the sales girls and she said the 2 pairs i picked were part of the offer. but when i went to pay, the cashier said it wasn’t.

the pair in question? a pair of black elastic band wedges.

she said “oh this is not a sandal, this is a wedge.”

fyi, that particular design was placed under the huge offer sign, i was quite ready to “fight my case”. but i decided to ask the girl i asked the first time, in front of the cashier. and suddenly the cashier said, “oh we just checked again, it is.”

you should have seen ben’s face, he was so so mad. i was too. i was short of telling her she should have come and inform me after she had verified it. but they looked so young, probably about 17? you can’t really blame them for not being properly trained can you? i mean, who leaves two 17 year olds in charge of a store just like that?

i’m still contented with my $25 bargains…

( yes $25 for all these! )

the gold ones didn’t fit quite right, but i’ve managed to make them fit! i’ll do a post on that another day soon!

ps : i’m not sure if the sale is islandwide, but you girls should definitely go grab some bargains! :)

Oops, I Shopped.

…and Ben’s gonna start banning me from shopping again. he always does!

(but it has never been effective)

so i was supposed to have dinner with friends.. but, somehow my instincts were right again, dinner was cancelled a few hours before. the plan was to go down to taka, pop by the post office and run some errands, but when dinner got cancelled, i got lazy. and then i remembered it was wednesday and the post office here in yishun closes at 8! so i got the mails mailed out, hoping ben would come out to meet me for dinner. i was quite prepared to go down town anyways, but when ben said he was quite stuck in camp… the mood totally sunk. so i decided i was gonna stay in yishun and not venture out…

so i went to northpoint, grabbed a strawberry milk shake from sweet talk to comfort myself and popped into Pet Lovers! it’s pretty fun popping into the store… even when i’m not really buying anything… it’s like i have friends there… haha! wait till they actually see Baileys in person…

next stop? watsons. i bought the new mascara from Maybelline. not sure how good it is, but… we’ll see. i’m gonna throw out all my old mascaras. i hate it when they start getting clumpy, so annoying!

btw, i actually verified some prices when i was there… if you read my beauty book post on exfoliators, here’s a more accurate update. the CURE gel actually costs $42! NOT $30+! and the ginvera one is $16-ish if i remember correctly.

anyway, i still wasn’t quite satisfied. i hate dressing up and heading out for less than an hour… so i walked around and ended up in cotton on. i was actually just looking to buy ONE cardi, i ended up with… FIVE. they were 2 for $30! white, black, grey, a floral one, and i got another on sale for just $10. fyi, the floral one has an original price of $24.95. with a 2 for $30 deal, who could pass on that? i also got a pretty pink shirt dress (seen in the photo above) for just $10 too! gosh it’s so so comfy, now i want every color they have it in. sigh….

that’s the other panda we got the other day by the way, not that i actually used it tho.. i was just messing around. anyhoos, i better get to bed now, to sleep rather… i’m already sitting in bed and my eyes are dying to just close…

ps : on a random note, i kinda like my hair right now, somehow i only like my hair when it’s done up in braids… my fringe has grown out! finally! i’m fighting the urge to chop them. i shouldn’t, right? thoughts anyone?

alright, goodnight!

and expect more new item updates in the day! love love!

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