Friday Night Randoms

so i realised i haven’t been blogging for awhile. everything’s just been so hectic. been staying up late to work on designs, remakes, orders, my online store, spending tons of time with friends… i’m sorry for neglecting you, blog. since i decided to come home after dinner to finish up some stuff instead of partying (again), i’m gonna try to make the blog less “stale”.

as you can see, my wardrobe is overflowing. i’m not kidding, it really is. i’ve been buying way too much new clothes, and still haven’t worn most of them… impulse shopping is a really bad habit to kick, not that i regret my purchases, but i just shop way too fast!

i bought this distressed sweater from Love and Bravery two weeks ago. still haven’t gotten a chance to wear it tho… hopefully i will soon! and talk about distressed… i’ve been fussing a lot about my hair lately, my fringe in particular. i’m really hesitant about getting bangs again cos in the past i used to do it myself and it took a really long time to fall into place and then i’d get bored of it… but i definitely need a trim soon!

sigh… it’s a hair dilemma…

everyone on facebook has been telling me to keep it… if i do i guess i have to figure out more ways to style my hair… it’s getting boringgggg. :/ some days my fringe just doesn’t fall properly and i just end up wearing headbands… so school girl… everyone still thinks i’m 21.

but I’m actually 26 this may!

and i still love my bear hugs… i mean, who doesn’t? altho i’d very much prefer a warm human hug anytime…

guess that’s enough of me for now. this was such a narcissistic post… ppffffttt!

have a great weekend everyone! ♥jean

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