zoo rave!

warning : (relatively) high photo content!

this was like two weeks ago when butter turned 5. buttttt! better late than never, right? :P it was animals galore! mimi was a kitty cat, i was a panda, ed was a monkey, and jones was a runaway bunny that got drunk at some bar and never quite made it to the animalistic dance floor. sigh!

i would love to have that tiger in my room to scare away all the creepies.. have you noticed the skirt yet? that’s the one i stamped myself! turned out pretty cool huh? teehee! ed made carrot cupcakes and they were yummmmmmmmayyyy! oh philly cream cheese how i love you.

 we came up with a new “animal breed”, BUNKEY. bunny + monkey. which reminds me, i still haven’t gotten my bunny ears back from jones! :(

the papa pandas, bobby, ritz and me!  i love their furrrrrrry tummies!

nicole came later… she was a zoo keeper! i don’t know what Q was tho… hahaha! my panda head got stolen from my head half the night… *pouts


can you spot the funny in the photo top left? for some odd reason we were doing the exact same thing! talk about weird!

new addition to my friend’s list! that’s jervis in black. he suddenly said to me, “you know my sister! she was your classmate!” yes, the world is small, and i can only imagine how much smaller it can get. like how i can run into 3 exes in one night in the same place… (and no, it’s not cos i’ve dated too many guys!)

okay i think that’s quite enough photos for now. i am going to bed! (yes, i actually made the painful decision and stayed in tonight to catch up with my backlog of work… work tops partying in terms of priorities!) gooooodnight!

♥ jean

Kokon To Zai @ The Butter Factory 19th May

“KTZ comes from Kokon To Zai, which loosely translates as ‘from here to then’. It’s the journey, be it style or fashion. It should be the transgression or movement of the wearer’s feelings and ideas… Not the other way round.”

it is, tonight. featuring Sasha of KTZ and Dave Does.

i’m excited beyond words to have been selected to be part of KTZ’s “strut crew”! i wish i could give you all a sneak of the A/W collection that you’ll see being shown but… we weren’t allowed to take photos… but here are some teasers!


the event begins at 930pm and ends at 1am. for more information, check out the event page on facebook here.

i’m gonna crash now, so see you all tonight! xoxo

friday funnies!

a friend shared this with me on facebook yesterday and i’ve been watching it over and over cos it’s just way too funny! this guy is hilarious!

if anyone says anything about the rebecca black song to me again, i swear i will keeeeel you! stop it with rebecca black already! that song is beyond annoying really, please spare my friday… speaking of which,

tgif babies!

hope everyone’s got their weekend all planned out, but if you haven’t, and are looking to make some saturday party plans with friends, here’s what you shouldn’t miss!

no sheath and holster @ home club

( view this event on facebook )

class action @ the butter factory

featuring the jam session djs,

dave does & shawn livewire

( view this event on facebook )

have fun ya’ll! ♥ jean

Do The Dougie!

Last week I had friends over from Sydney, and we were all over the place. Filter, Butter Factory… It’s probably the most fun I’ve had cos they’re like the awesomest people ever… Crazy dance moves, and for some reason I’m now hopelessly in love with the dougie…

For those of you who haven’t heard of the dougie, watch this.

It’s a pretty “fail-proof” dance move if you ask me… you can switch up the movements according to the beats… try it the next time you go party! =)

here’s the original from Cali Swag

♥ jean

My First Ever Halloween (2010)

This is like wayyyyy overdue. I was surfing STOMP, waiting for Fash Mob pics to go live and started back-tracking albums and found a photo of Paul and myself from Halloween 2010!


…By the end of the night everyone was calling me shuttlecock girl, badminton lady, mickey (cos of my leggings). The name really stuck so I used it for saturday’s mob. You might have already seen photos of me in JUICE & Rhythm tho.

Last year was the first time I actually did anything on Halloween. And of course, where else could I have gone to but Butter. Afterall, Bobby & Ritz are known for throwing crazy parties, even more so for Halloween!

I had tons of fun that night, albeit getting poked by the shuttlecocks and making very inconvenient bathroom visits. Guess I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Ben was supposed to be the human spaghetti but no one knows where his costume went. I wonder if it even existed. Both he and Dave ended up as well, clowns. The face paints were mad crazy that night! (I had fake lashes on for the first time in my life, and removing them later really hurt!)

That’s Paul below. He always “bullies” me when he sees me even tho I’m older. Thank god the shuttlecocks served as a little deterrent that night… And that’s Vanessa with the keyring I made her for her birthday! :)

The night ended with supper with the guys from ACTYOAGE. Ming gave me those bunny ears but I have no idea where I put them since….

Well, that’s my first ever halloween for you. Way overdue but I hope it brought some amusement nonetheless. I’m waiting for more photos from Fash Mob before I blog about it… And I have loads of exciting stuff lined up for you girls this year! =) ♥ jean

FASH MOB @ The Butter Factory

This saturday night, I’m invading Fash!

Think Poker Party with a hint of Alice in Wonderland. Come early to snag the crazy accessories which you will get to keep, FOR FREE!

I still have slots left on the guest list for this so if you wanna come party (and skip the crazy butter weekend queues), drop me an email at jeaninegabrielle@gmail.com, subject : FASH MOB GUESTLIST by Friday 10pm.

Guestlist availability will be on a first RSVP basis.

Seeeeee you party animals! ♥ jean


hello people, it’s a saturday night, and i’m staying in.

for good reason tho! i was awake for 24 hours yesterday (430 am – 430 am today) so i’m pretty much zonked out :S oddly tho i woke up at 11-ish this morning and i figured i shouldn’t go back to sleep otherwise the whole day would be gone… but by evening i could hardly keep my eyes open and took a 2 hour snooze until dinner… i was never someone to take naps… it’s becoming quite a habit now!

anyway, back to yesterday, was working this event… Maybelline’s Power In You show! gosh i had to get to SMU by 7am, and lately i’ve been coming home at 5am… so to have to wake up at 5am was a real nightmare! i barely got any sleep the night before, was rolling in bed from 1am and only managed to fall asleep at like 130am??? sheeeeesh. sleep was bad, i remember having nightmares and at 415am i got a text from April about what to wear… i couldn’t go back to sleep after that! :(

i was surviving on red bull all day… in the morning we were cleaning mirrors that were bought from Mustafa, and believe it or not, the mirrors really stinked somehow! I better not say too much tho =X

girls, girls and more girls!

the real fun started when i had to pick up Taya’s wardrobe from Wisma, ran into some last minute issues but everything worked out perfectly in the end!

Taya sitting pretty in the cab on the way down to SMU after hair and make up!

sigh, it’s so depressing standing next to Taya….

no one is used to seeing me in jeans and sneakers… well get used to it! cos i have too many pairs of sneakers that i’m not wearing enough… actually just three.

we finally wrapped up at 7pm and went to Vivo for dinns… was really looking forward to some good ol rosti but the queue at Marche was insane!!! we were so tired that we started doing really stupid things like blowing bubbles into my glass of coke. i think we lost our minds…


two zonked out zombies. this was probably around 11… still surviving!

sadly, i was hoping for a heineken or asahi, but the only beer they had there was Kronenbourg… it’s extremely smooth, maybe abit too smooth. The people were either really high, or… i don’t know. there was quite a bit of girl on girl action going on! then girl on guy, and more girl on girl… okay, i probably shouldn’t elaborate.

Boys in the pool!

i almost got thrown in, but i guess the person who tried to didn’t want to have to buy me a new camera, and watch, and whatever else would malfunction when wet. why does everything sound so wrong? pffft.

that’s that, all in 24 hours… i don’t think i want to stay awake for 24 hours again, unless for good reason.

have a great sunday ahead everyone! :)

Get Intoxicated at China One

If you have yet to make plans to party tonight, join the 1 or 8 crew at China One! Ben will be spinning from 12am – 3am.

Free Entry for ALL Ladies ALL NIGHT!

Free Flow of housepour and Draft Beer for All Ladies from 9pm till 1am.

First 100 Ladies will get a FREE tote bag with goodies courtesy of Sensual Joy, Purple Sage & Simply Buffet.

( click here for full event details on facebook )

Buttered Nights…

i think last wednesday was the most fun i’ve ever had at Butter… ben said, “this is the first time i didn’t see you around the whole night” well, true that, i was running all over the place and i counted, throughout the entire night, i got hit THREE TIMES by drunk people… the last one being the worse. some big guy getting thrown out by the bouncer and he hit my arm while struggling. oh well!


for the first time i didn’t take very many, cos for once i wasn’t hiding around the console.. hahaha

my long lost friends whom i haven’t partied with in a longgggg time.. Don & Shir

more party people!

clockwise : eka, valerie, rui zhou, bertrand, dwi and me!

and if you’re thinking eka and dwi look quite alike, well, they’re brothers! i think dwi is adorable btw… it was his first time at a club and he was shy beyond words really. took quite abit to get him moving…

come to think of it that’s the first night i spent in BUMP instead of FASH, and they have poles in BUMP! yes i tried it, it’s so much fun really! the next day was bad tho, i had slight bruises on my upper arm from too much pole-friction. but i think it was well worth the aches! was asking ben if i could learn pole dance, he’s like… NOOOOOOOOOO. but why? :(

anyway, Dwi again.

i don’t know how to describe it, he just has this cool kid face. it’s like taking a photo with some celebrity. haha! see, i told you there weren’t much photos.. see the rest of facebook!

HAPPY SUNDAY everyone! :)

love, jean

Buttered Week!

someone please tell me it isn’t friday already… BUT IT IS, ISN’T IT?

i can’t believe the whole week flew by just like that… people have come and gone, too.

wednesday as we all know it, BUTTER COOKIES at The Butter Factory. it’s been awhile since i’ve gone to butter come to think of it… and wednesday was pretty awesome :) but first, we had dinner at Overeasy! can’t have a meal there without an order of our favourite sliders. pity we got there late, the STI had closed lower that day and the sliders were going for $1 each before 7pm! grrrrrrrr

i had my jumbo prawns, but i realise i’m sorta losing the love for that dish…

and then my good old friend Jones came down for an after-work drink with me! he was the first one that night to “complain” about how much weight i’ve lost… >_<

remember this photo! this was like 11pm, before i had anything to drink.

100% SOBER.

( and before my makeup totally got messed up, you’ll see )

DJ Andrew T, aka Handsome T. that’s ben’s brother by the way, blood brother!

MC Tech One and DJ Edo in Bump. and that’s Willis in the back btw.

bump was insanely, well, BUMPED! squeezing through from the VIP exit to the dj console took me more than 5 minutes each time i swear! sheeeeeeesh. hot, sweaty bodies all around. it was so much more comfortable in fash…

gosh, half of ben’s head is gone… cool huh? i see my long island tea….

and ben found some new “Fans”!

i think they did tell me their names, but gosh i just can’t quite remember… but but but! if my drunken memory serves me correctly, the girl should be… Laura? Laura is that you???

( click here to go see the “you’re the best DJ of all time” video on facebook! )

okay, remember the earlier photo at 11pm? now the next photo was taken at past 3am… after maybe like, 4 or 5 rum and pineapples, long island tea and some straight from the bottle i don’t know what…

here’s eka and meee

i think i was still pretty much alive actually!

and eka got me BAILEYS chocolate as a farewell gift… i’m not going anywhere. he’s actually left for Perth already.

thanks eka! (for the little note too) anddd as of now….out of the 19 pieces of chocolate, i’ve already eaten 3.

and then… i made it home by 5am cos we went to SPIZE. and guess what?

on thursday night, we went to Butter, AGAIN!

it was “THE PULL”, some singles night. we didn’t stay long tho… left after ONE drink, cos ben had to go back to camp…. NS WOES!

so here’s a last one of the boys….

ben, edo, willis…

anyway, possibly one of my favourite dresses at the moment….

another outfit by ClubCouture, it’s the Piper’s Lace Dress :) want one for yourself?

( click here to go check it out )

and don’t forget to enter the code JEANINE15 at checkout to get 15% off your order!

that’s all for now, toooodles!

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