hello people, it’s a saturday night, and i’m staying in.

for good reason tho! i was awake for 24 hours yesterday (430 am – 430 am today) so i’m pretty much zonked out :S oddly tho i woke up at 11-ish this morning and i figured i shouldn’t go back to sleep otherwise the whole day would be gone… but by evening i could hardly keep my eyes open and took a 2 hour snooze until dinner… i was never someone to take naps… it’s becoming quite a habit now!

anyway, back to yesterday, was working this event… Maybelline’s Power In You show! gosh i had to get to SMU by 7am, and lately i’ve been coming home at 5am… so to have to wake up at 5am was a real nightmare! i barely got any sleep the night before, was rolling in bed from 1am and only managed to fall asleep at like 130am??? sheeeeesh. sleep was bad, i remember having nightmares and at 415am i got a text from April about what to wear… i couldn’t go back to sleep after that! :(

i was surviving on red bull all day… in the morning we were cleaning mirrors that were bought from Mustafa, and believe it or not, the mirrors really stinked somehow! I better not say too much tho =X

girls, girls and more girls!

the real fun started when i had to pick up Taya’s wardrobe from Wisma, ran into some last minute issues but everything worked out perfectly in the end!

Taya sitting pretty in the cab on the way down to SMU after hair and make up!

sigh, it’s so depressing standing next to Taya….

no one is used to seeing me in jeans and sneakers… well get used to it! cos i have too many pairs of sneakers that i’m not wearing enough… actually just three.

we finally wrapped up at 7pm and went to Vivo for dinns… was really looking forward to some good ol rosti but the queue at Marche was insane!!! we were so tired that we started doing really stupid things like blowing bubbles into my glass of coke. i think we lost our minds…


two zonked out zombies. this was probably around 11… still surviving!

sadly, i was hoping for a heineken or asahi, but the only beer they had there was Kronenbourg… it’s extremely smooth, maybe abit too smooth. The people were either really high, or… i don’t know. there was quite a bit of girl on girl action going on! then girl on guy, and more girl on girl… okay, i probably shouldn’t elaborate.

Boys in the pool!

i almost got thrown in, but i guess the person who tried to didn’t want to have to buy me a new camera, and watch, and whatever else would malfunction when wet. why does everything sound so wrong? pffft.

that’s that, all in 24 hours… i don’t think i want to stay awake for 24 hours again, unless for good reason.

have a great sunday ahead everyone! :)

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