it’s thursday already? gosh, time is flying a little faster than i expected… it’s been a really crazy week, somewhat fruitful actually… and i’m loving my new tan! (not very much, but i’ll build on it) my hair, still hasn’t really fallen into place since i cut it last week tho….

anyhoooos! stuff i’ve been working on this week!

Joscelin’s BB cosy, it’s got the white rabbit design on one side and a postcard design on the back. but that’s not all, it actually is able to hold cards in the postcard too! hope this is what you wanted babe! :)

Jaime’s customised wood tile rings! I NY style!

I’ve been doodling quite a bit of late… suddenly got into the mood of making new hand drawn earstuds! I might not be able to put these up on the site till the weekend of early next week, so leave a comment or email me if you wanna grab them like noowww :)

freedom swallow earstuds $9 a pair

i really love the birds, swallows are actually very symbolic! go google!

…and then i did some cute ones too!

gum drops ($5) // peanut butter jelly toast ($7)

and since i was on an unstoppable creative streak…. new rings!

black bow ring $8 // 80’s ♥ child bottlecap ring $12

how’s that for thursday’s muse? i have to hit the sack early tonight! will be working at a Maybelline event tomorrow from 7am to 10pm… Was planning to go to Sentosa for Hed Kandi, but i guess i can only decide at 10pm tomorrow… i might just be dead by then! :S

Speaking of which, look what came for me today! i so love a good surprise like that!

4 tubes of Maybelline’s new Watershine Collagen Gloss. will try it out and let you girls know if i like them, I’m pretty sure I will!

Thanks Natalie for sending them! :)

wish me luck, i think i’ll need it to roll myself out of bed at 5am tomorrow. anyone wanna give me a wake up call?

…nighty night (in advance!)

2 Replies to “Thurs-dayyy”

  1. so how are they? i recently bought R32 and loooove the color and texture on my lips. I really want to buy other colors, so if you have swatches…that will be great!



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