Sponsored Review : Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water


Is it possible for one product to remove make up, soothe, brighten, soften and disinfect your skin while minimising pores all at once? Sounds impossible right? But that is exactly what Bioré’s New Micellar Cleansing Water claims to do.


The Watery Micellar Technology effectively dissolves and lifts of all makeup including mascara and eyeliner and Natural Mineral Water from the Northern Japanese Alps provide for a gentle and soothing formula. The cleanser is enriched with Collagen and White Tea Extract to give you brighter, softer and suppler skin while the anti-bacterial formula helps prevent pimples and breakouts, and minimises pores for a clearer and more refined complexion.


But does it really do what it claims to?

I have sensitive skin and after using this for over a week, I have had no problems with the cleanser, even without rinsing off since this is a no-rinse cleanser. The only challenge is getting all the mascara fibres out. It takes way over 5 seconds of holding the cotton pad over my eyes to remove my mascara but that is pretty much the only tiny draw back. I would choose this over my current facial wipes because this does not sting if I happen to get it in my eyes and when I remove my mascara with the pre-soaked facial wipes, it stings every single time!


So how well does it remove a pile of make up?

I piled on BB cream, eye shadow, blusher, the works.. To use,

• Pump an appropriate amount onto cotton pad
• Use soaked cotton pad to gently wipe off makeup
• For eye makeup, place soaked cotton pad onto closed eyes and hold for 5 seconds before gently wiping it off
• Repeat until all makeup is removed, and cotton pad is clean


And this is the difference after a couple of wipes. To totally remove all make up, you’d need about 4-5 cotton pads depending on how much make up you use.

It leaves no oily or sticky feeling at all, but it does leave skin feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated. As I mentioned, rinsing is not required so this is a perfect product for those of you who get lazy with removing make up after a long night out. I personally prefer to wash with my foaming cleanser afterwards for a more thorough clean and to make sure I have nothing “foreign” left on my face. Just make sure you follow through with toner and moisturiser to avoid drying out your skin!

Would I buy this? Definitely yes.20141009_121108

Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water retails at $18.90 and is available in all pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, and major departmental stores.

Sponsored Review : Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel Moisturiser


Hada Labo launches the NEW 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel for fair, bright and bouncy skin! Fast absorbing and non-oily in texture, this whitening gel boosts 3-in-1 skincare product benefits of Essence + Moisturiser + Paper Mask!

If you want to get the most out of your skin care and save time while you’re at it, Hada Labo’s new 3-in-1 Whitening Perfect Gel Moisturiser will do just that!


Remember my review on Hada Labo’s Whitening Arbutin Lotion? Just like the lotion, the gel also contains 3 key ingredients.

Natural Arbutin contains a high concentration levels at 3% of Japanese pharmaceutical-level Arbutin to offer effective whitening results. This enhances skin fairness and targets dark spots.

Vitamin C is a proven anti-oxidant that enhances collagen production, inhibits the appearance of dark spots and reawakens the appearance of dull skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component found on skin. The duo of Hyaluronic acid and nano hyaluronic acid molecules instantly hydrate and lock-in moisture, keeping skin soft, smooth & bouncy.


(Spatula is not included)


I have been using Hada Labo lotions daily (currently Hada Labo’s ES Lotion for Sensitive Skin) in my skincare regime followed by my own cream moisturisers, so I was really excited when this product was launched. As its name suggests, the Perfect Gel is what it is, a gel. Unlike cream moisturisers, this being in gel form is more readily absorbed into the skin and of a much lighter texture as well. This saves time since you don’t need to wait long for your moisturiser to be fully absorbed before you can apply make up to avoid that cakey effect.

Upon application, the gel becomes more fluid.


It creates a cool and refreshing feeling on the skin, you can see and feel the instant hydration. It absorbs very quickly and leaves no oily film on your skin.

It is recommended that you apply the gel after applying lotion, but I sometimes skip the lotion and apply this after my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. On days when I feel like my skin could use that bit more hydrating, I apply a little more of the gel at night before bed and use it as a sleeping mask for dehydrated skin. This is a great gel to use under make up. Some moisturisers don’t allow make up to sit well on the skin, resulting in your make up caking or just sliding off, but with this gel, I get perfectly hydrated skin that’s ready for foundation or BB creams.


Hada Labo 3-in-1 Whitening Perfect Gel retails at $38.90 for an 80g jar and is available at Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, BHG, NTUC, OG, Sasa and Unity.


Want to win a jar of this Perfect Gel for yourself?

Like Hada Labo Singapore on Facebook and look out for the “Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel Snow Princess game” which could win you a jar of this Perfect Gel. Meanwhile, The Sample Store is conducting an Instagram contest!
Simply redeem a sample of Hada Labo’s Arbutin Whitening Lotion from The Sample Store and post a photo of yourself with the sample on Instagram with a short review and include the following @ and # tags :

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Good luck! :)


And…. Since each Sample Store checkout allows you to redeem a total of 4 samples, I’ve included links to 3 other Hada Labo products you can try! :)
 Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Wash
 Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Milk
 Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 12.43.30 am

Don’t have a Sample Store account yet? Just click on this link to sign up and you’ll be all set to start sampling!

Sponsored Review : Amethystory

I first saw the Amethystory range of products at Watsons a couple of weeks ago, and I was given the opportunity to review 3 out of the 5 products in the range! *happy dance

They provided me with some really awesome visuals so I’ll cut short on the details and just tell you what I think of the products.

First up, an absolute must have, the mineral aqua gel!

I love love loveeeeeeeeeeee this! I’ve been using it for close to two weeks now and I must say, my skin does feel smoother and softer. It removes cornified dead skin, prepping your skin for optimum absorption of skincare nutrients!

Look at all that gunk! For those with oily/combination skin (like me), the bio energy fluid in this helps to balance oil secretion while keeping skin hydrated and rejuvenated! The gel also contains hyaluronic acid that provides intense hydration and supports the formation and maintenance of collagen for supple and elastic skin. (We all know how important collagen is for our skin to stay young!) I always believe that good things are meant to be shared, soooo…..

> click here to redeem a free sample of the mineral aqua gel! <

Next up, the mineral bubble face wash!

I love the light scent of the bubble face wash. I use it after I exfoliate with the mineral aqua gel and it feels absolutely refreshing! So, I’ve exfoliated and I’ve washed off all that dead skin debris with the bubble wash… What’s next?

The mineral aqua whitening enhancer of course! :)

I refuse to go to sleep without this! It’s the last thing I must do before I go to bed every night, even if that’s 5am after parties over the weekends. :D

Like the bubble wash, this also has a very light refreshing scent. I use this before applying make up as well and it works like a gem! No dry, rough patches! It contains Tranexamic acid that fights dark spots and lightens complexion for a radiant glow by inhibiting melanin growth and removing existing pigmentation, and also eliminates discoloration caused by acne and sun damage. And wait, it also has anti-inflammatory effects! (YAY!)

Here are the two other products that I have yet to try…


Overall, I love the range. My makeup goes on more evenly and stays on longer. Oil secretion has also need slightly reduced, I don’t blot as much as I used to, which also means less touch ups. All in all, this range of products is definitely worth a shot! xx

Mineral Aqua Gel (Star Product) $24.90
Mineral Bubble Face Wash $14.90
Mineral Purify Facial Cleanser $8.90
Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer $19.90
Eye Countour Brightening Amethyst Roller $16.90

♥ Join Amethystory’s Facebook page today for upcoming exciting campaigns! : https://www.facebook.com/amethystory

a cosy tea party with viccal @ a curious teepee

some time back i was invited to Viccal’s first blogger’s party but sadly, i couldn’t make it! :( not long after tho, i got an email, inviting me to a “make-up session” for those who missed the first and boy am i glad they planned a second party for us! :)

it was held at A Curious Teepee @ Scape, a very cosy place with a f&b + retail concept. something i’d love to do if i ever get the chance to.. i brought mimi with me to the event, she just knocked off from work, and we had to go straight to the event, so we didn’t have time to eat! to our surprise, food was waiting for us when we arrived! YAY!

quiche, sandwiches, tarts & iced tea

while we sank our teeth into the food to stop our tummies from rumbling…

Francis from glominerals doing a makeup demo on a fellow blogger.

he gave us an insight to mineral makeups, it’s benefits, as well as how you can easily turn a day look into a night look. easy tip? play up the eyes!

i won a mineral lip gloss/plumper from glominerals! *happy dance :)

with Vicky, founder of Viccal. (sorry blurry…)

Vicky sat down with us in groups and talked to us about our skin woes before “prescribing” the cure! it was like a one-on-one skin consultation, which made it a very memorable & personalized experience, and i think it’s really awesome that they take the time and effort to understand what their customers need.

*two thumbs up! :)


our mini serum samples!

mimi got 1 & 3, while i got number 2. the 3 serums are created to treat various skin issues. no 1 nurtures & strengthens, no. 2 detoxifies & heals, and no 3. revitalizes & energizes the skin.

it’s actually quite a generous sample, i’m quite sure it will last me more than 2 weeks. i’ve already been using it for about a week and i still have enough to last me another two weeks, which should be sufficient to produce noticeable results, i’m sure. the team behind Viccal is confident that their products will work, as such, they have made sampling very available. you can get samples from their websites to try out before you decide to buy. especially since the serums are priced at over a hundred $ a bottle, being assured of results prior to purchasing is indeed a plus point.

HOW? click on the link above, scroll down & click on “COLLECTIONS”, select your choice of serum & click on “Receive your sample now”.

soon you’ll be saying yay to healthy, happy skin! xoxo

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