You're So Grey.

soooo i was kinda bored and wanted to change my facebook profile photo so i started messing around with photoshop yesterday… since i have these two photos stuck on the wall in front of me, they became the obvious choice.

sometimes i feel like i miss modelling but yea… these days my schedule barely allows me any free time at all, not to mention time to do shoots…

TGIF! ♥ jean

after a whole day of DI…


Picture 15

the whole day, my screen looked something like this…

but i finally picked a couple of favourites… we definitely up-ed the attitude in this shoot!

but before i proceed, please note :

1. all the clothes you see will be available for sale on THE CLOSET LOVER. (unless otherwise stated)

2. i don’t own TCL, i’m just the model! :D


i am so so in love with this shot!

i don’t know, there’s just something about it that i can’t quite figure out….

_MG_2291 _MG_2344

we tried some crazy hair-dos!

the gaga bow and well, the other one ben calls it Mulan. >_<

_MG_2391 _MG_2377

now, who says you can’t wear a blazer with shorts?

ps : the blazer is for sale, i will post details soon. this one is not from TCL.


this one i like too…

used the cream flower hair clip as a brooch! will be up for sale soon!


haha this one is totally rockin’ my socks!

i used the zipper rose headband as a wrist accessory, can’t quite call it a bracelet can i?

okay, that’s quite enough sneaks for now. i have to go back to being busy…


behind the scenes!


okay here are photos from the photoshoot i did last month!

the September issue is out so i guess we can post photos more freely… we were told not to publish photos until the story was published, and it has been so here are the photos! I myself haven’t gotten hold of the september issue, but from what i’ve heard… it still looks like me, just with a whole lot more makeup piled on… I have photos to prove it.

top photo : that’s all of us basically… photographer, michelle, me, and yuen mei (daniel’s supposed cyber-stalkers)


that’s denise, she did our interviews!

(i look so tinyyyy)


this was after i got like 50% of the makeup off my face…

photographer’s tip?

if you’re taking a photo of yourself, you have to turn the camera upside down… it gives you better control! no kidding! that’s what he said!


it was actually daniel’s birthday on the day of the shoot, we didn’t get to see him in person, but we did leave him a birthday note telling him we wouldn’t date him. haha! now i wonder if kamei actually gave it to him…


that’s about all, some photos are just duplicates and we didn’t really take very many photos while we were shooting… and would you believe, they didn’t want me to take off the jacket cos.. well.. they said im too skinny!

trust me, you’ll never catch me with this much make up on again… not in a million yearssss! (i hope)

gosh, i’m so gonna pick up the september issue the moment i step out of the house later in the day… and then i’ll take a photo and update this okay? busy busy day ahead! i have orders to mail out and errands to run… and i just promised grace she could interview me for a school project. somewhere in between i have to pick up some stuff from mabel.  and the highlight of the entire day would be the meeting with…


they’ve got really awesome apparel for guys, so please pop in! (did i mention quite alot of stuff is on sale right now?)

that said… if i don’t reply your emails today, please bear with me okay?

♥ xoxo ♥

my favourite shots from collection 21


ben said…

“act angel…”

on a side note, i don’t know why wordpress “greys” my photos when it’s actually on the blog. does anyone know why? i mean, it looks fine when i’m blogging but when i see it on the actual blog it looks so dull!

_MG_1502 _MG_1406

how many outfits did you think i was gonna put up? haha! that’s all the sneaks for now… wait for the launch hunsss…

i need to get back to work now, got so much to do cos i promised to have the hair accessories page done. distractions aplenty!


5 days of absence.

hello people.

no i’m not dead, well technically; not dead. i’m just still recovering from doing 3 shoots this week.

the first being the weekly one for the closet lover, the second one for CLEO on wednesday and a third one on thursday for which i was “styling”.

speaking of which, i spent practically the whole of today selecting and editting the photos for TCL’s collection 17.

and i just picked up the next lot for collection 18’s shoot on monday… gosh i need a breather.



this is the outfit that caused a stir last week cos i happily assumed they were to be worn separately. this time i got it right.


anyway, we took this photo on monday. look at po! he’s totally airborn. i so pulled it off. i threw him up yet i look like i was holding that pose for like forever! i think the photo’s pretty funny in a sense!

okay, i don’t even know if we’re actually allowed to upload photos we took in the CLEO office…

but here goes. if they wanna kill me i just take it off, right?


okay this is us, strangers when we met and friends at the end.

me, michelle and yuen mei

it was great meeting you two! :)

can you tell, we had super thick make up on… and this was already after i wiped off at least half of it. CAKEYYYY. and i really get paranoid when getting professional make up done… the brushes, the powder puffs… don’t you wonder how often they wash them? i mean, it touches tons of other facessss!


and this is us with photographer Nyen.

he’s got tons of cute pictures of his sons on his wall that were DI-ed to look quite like astro boy!

now on to thursday’s shoot… presenting…


hahaha sorry i just had to do that, i mean his name does sound very dramatic, no? and if it sounds familiar, it’s cos he was one of last year’s CLEO bachelors… if you wanna start digging for your magazines… well, just wait till we get the shots processed okay?


thanks neng for another great shoot. and i got to do a guy’s make up for the first time in my life!


this shot is so cool… it looks as if they’re video conferencing! funny!

but the photos came out pretty awesome, and i’m saying that pre-di. so imagine how they’ll look after neng works his magic on them…

okay, that’s all for the shoots… time to hit the shower!


here comes 17!


extracted from TCL : “Well, what do you get when u mix this two pieces together? Jeanine wore it individually, thinking
that it was to be worn separately! (How cute can Jeanine be?) We laughed our heads off looking at the photos and thought we should share it with you guys :) Seems like it can be worn separately ya?

Watch out in the next collection for this awesome lime dress!”

jeanine : “SOOORRRRYYY.”  >_<


okay, here’s the rest of what i got right…


hurry go check out the collection! so many preeetty pieces to stash!


the closet lover's collection 15 sneaks!


me likey this one! : )


neng was saying how i look different in the shots from this shoot… we’re guessing it’s the make up! i’m using BENEFIT Cosmetics in this shoot! well not entirely tho… haha! anyway, i sorta decided i’d grow my fringe for awhile… the weather is getting way too hot and humid for bangs…

this weather plus bangs = forehead zitties! for sure!

that’s about all i’m gonna show you for now… they should be launching tomorrow, so stick tight!

here’s some of ben and me!


ps : the black top i’m wearing is also part of the closet lover’s next collection!

wokayssss! now back to finishing up the DI! tooooodles!

thank god it’s (almost) friday!

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