5 days of absence.

hello people.

no i’m not dead, well technically; not dead. i’m just still recovering from doing 3 shoots this week.

the first being the weekly one for the closet lover, the second one for CLEO on wednesday and a third one on thursday for which i was “styling”.

speaking of which, i spent practically the whole of today selecting and editting the photos for TCL’s collection 17.

and i just picked up the next lot for collection 18’s shoot on monday… gosh i need a breather.



this is the outfit that caused a stir last week cos i happily assumed they were to be worn separately. this time i got it right.


anyway, we took this photo on monday. look at po! he’s totally airborn. i so pulled it off. i threw him up yet i look like i was holding that pose for like forever! i think the photo’s pretty funny in a sense!

okay, i don’t even know if we’re actually allowed to upload photos we took in the CLEO office…

but here goes. if they wanna kill me i just take it off, right?


okay this is us, strangers when we met and friends at the end.

me, michelle and yuen mei

it was great meeting you two! :)

can you tell, we had super thick make up on… and this was already after i wiped off at least half of it. CAKEYYYY. and i really get paranoid when getting professional make up done… the brushes, the powder puffs… don’t you wonder how often they wash them? i mean, it touches tons of other facessss!


and this is us with photographer Nyen.

he’s got tons of cute pictures of his sons on his wall that were DI-ed to look quite like astro boy!

now on to thursday’s shoot… presenting…


hahaha sorry i just had to do that, i mean his name does sound very dramatic, no? and if it sounds familiar, it’s cos he was one of last year’s CLEO bachelors… if you wanna start digging for your magazines… well, just wait till we get the shots processed okay?


thanks neng for another great shoot. and i got to do a guy’s make up for the first time in my life!


this shot is so cool… it looks as if they’re video conferencing! funny!

but the photos came out pretty awesome, and i’m saying that pre-di. so imagine how they’ll look after neng works his magic on them…

okay, that’s all for the shoots… time to hit the shower!


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