Feeling Zippy? – Updated 4/7

thought you girls might want to see how the collection looks like when worn…

so here’s one from TCL’S COLLECTION 17 shoot! :)_MG_9197

pretty stunning if i may say so myself! :)


♥ ♥ ♥

hello everyone! gosh i haven’t blogged in 2 days? i’ve been really busy, just did TCL’s collection 16 shoot yesterday!

well i’m back with something new! say hello to my latest creations,


each piece is made of zippers, handsewn into form… no 2 pieces are the same!

zippy IMG_5641

above : zippity brooch S$16

jazz up a boring blazer with this eye catching brooch! not limited to blazers, this nifty piece will add life to anything you can pin it to! bags, hats, a fabric headband, or whatever else you choose!

IMG_5634 IMG_5639

left : gold digger ring S$16

right : zip a dee ring S$16


zip a dee doo dah! necklace S$49

this stunning piece is all set to turn heads, are you ready to rock it?

“…Zip a dee doo-dah, zip a dee ay!”

someone’s ready to rock this, sold!

3 Replies to “Feeling Zippy? – Updated 4/7”

  1. hello babe.this is completely random and have got nth to do with your latest update.just wondering if you are stll selling the I bleed for chanel necklace?how big is the bigger version?and is the smaller version chanel silver in color? thanks! (:

    1. yes i’m still selling the i bleed for chanel necklace! :)
      both versions are black.
      the bigger version is the one i wear in most of my photos it’s about 3.4cm x 3.7cm.
      the size will vary slightly cos it’s handcut.

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