beauty ravesssss

i’ve been hearing a lot about this “bb cream”… what the hell was this bb cream everyone keeps talking about? so, i decided to google it.

i know. idiot really…

how could i not have known about this? after all, the koreans are known for their very flawless skin, right? and in my amazement and state of enlightenment, (or “un-idiocy”) i bought 3 such products on ebay.

Picture 8

one is of course, the BB CREAM, which is short for Blemish Balm Cream. i have to admit the before and after photos are pretty impressive, in the sense that in the after photos, the skin actually looks really real and not like it’s been heavily photoshopped.

if the cream does what it claims to do, i’ll be sold on BB Cream for the rest of my life.

i believe HANSKIN is not available in singapore, but it’s apparently the original and best of all BB creams.

Picture 17

and since i’m seeing the silver base in my Benefit compact, i decided to just get a compact too!

they claim that this powder contains pearl powder which will prevent OXIDIZATION.

that’s so so important with our crazy weather, you put on the right shade of make up but half way thru the day you look like a mess…

it also has lavender water and angelica which is supposed to control skin trouble.

oh boy, i hope this works!

Picture 16

lastly, this mineral “essence” also containing pearl powder is supposed to give your skin a “celebrity-like glow”

hmmmmmm, well, with our currently erratic weather, our skin needs all the help it can get to stay sane i guess…

2 Replies to “beauty ravesssss”

  1. I tried BB cream before! in taiwan they sold very cheap BB creams ;)

    but only works on fair people like u!! when i put it on i looked like a ghost lo -.-

  2. it is just what the world needs, more beauty products to make you a little more beautiful everyday.

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