more sneaks!

coming soon…

The Closet Lovers Collection 14


pieces we really like?


haha neng really liked this one… he said it’s futuristic.

ps : i was referring to the top itself… it’s got a touch of oriental too don’t you think? hmmmm and just in case you’re wondering, the clutch is from The Body Shop.


this one is so nautical! complete the look with the plaid bag for summer perfection!

ayyy ayyy captain!

for these and more, please visit :


DI-ing again.

Picture 15

i really should be sleeping… ben is still out, and i’m still up in the study.

ps : did i mention ben is going to Vietnam for like 24 hours on friday? LOL

IT’S 2.45AM

…and i’m still going through the photos from the latest shoot…

next time i have my hair up, someone please remind me to use hair spray on my fringe? hate fly aways… so bear with it this time okay?

here’s ONE sneak peek! thanks Neng for the photos, as usual :)


see what i mean by fly away fringe? urghhhh… messed up my photos abit i reckon… my fringe was just being retarded that day!

i love the photo tho… goodnight everyone! :)

the closet lover – behind the scenes


did the shoot for THE CLOSET LOVER’S next collection on monday…

i am in love with many many pieces from this coming collection…

note to self : control yourself jeanine, your wardrobe is near exploding!


yup, that’s ben.

becos he refused to get off the mattress i started piling the clothes on him… hahaha!

i bet he knew i was on the other side… “act only”

can’t wait to see the photos from Neng… i think they’re gonna be awesome! :)

have you met monkey?

_MG_7172 _MG_7187 _MG_7188 _MG_7185

photography by Neng – Intrigue Visuals

monkey is well… a sock monkey!

i made him for ben during valentine’s this year…

and he’s absolutely adorable… tall, dark and very handsome! lol

but… ben keeps squishing and bending him, his filling is shifting!


non-stop DI

i’ve been staring at photos since yesterday evening…

i am still staring at photos…

Picture 12

Picture 13

these are for THE CLOSET LOVER’S next collection!

and here are just some of my favourites from this shoot :)

_MG_6801edit _MG_6816editcrop _MG_6851edit _MG_6867

wanna see the rest?

wait for it! :)

love, jean

what keeps me busy?


selecting the final photos from the photoshoot for THE CLOSET LOVER!

and skyping with Ben! look at his hair in the second photo! hahaha

and cos Neng is a busy busy bee, i did some basic DI… from last night till now and i’m finally done!


now i can go out for dinner with ben. guess where we’re going?

hint : one of our favourite haunts hahaha

okay, here’s a couple more sneaks of their new collection :)


all accessories used in the shoot are available on my website :

okay that’s all for now! bath time and then TATA! :)

sneak peeks!

we just got a preview of the photos from the shoot i did on monday!

here are some sneaks of THE CLOSET LOVER’S upcoming collection!



photography by Neng – Intrigue Visuals


can you tell? this was my favourite dress in the whole set! and it’s mine!


okay it’s like almost 4am so that’s all i’m gonna sneak for now!

will upload the rest when the finals are chosen by Brianna!

goodnight! (whoever else is awake at this ungodly hour)

love, jean

behind the scenes

yesterday ben and i were at Neng’s shooting for THE CLOSET LOVER…

here are a couple of behind the scenes shots before we get the final photos.


was trying to see if i would fit into the suitcase for some really contorted shots but i think it’s just a tad bit too small! and probably thanks to this i’m aching all over today! it really hurts! my ribs especially!

img_3221 final5322_02

left : my favourite dress from the shoot! it reminds me of the dress i saw on PIXIE MARKET by Lily Kitty (right) that cost $96 and is sold out!

i absolutely love the double skirt!



who wears it better?


ben takes pride in his FARTS.

one person’s pleasure is another’s poison. RUN!


anyway, this is LILAC! Neng’s very friendly and obedient doggy.

when she licked my leg once and i said don’t lick my leg cos i was so sweaty and she looked at me and just sat down hahahaha

and then after braving one stinky bus ride, we finally settled down for SUSHI! and sashimi of course…



go red for women 2009!

in december i did a shoot with neng for




to see a preview of the photos, go to my previous post

the results will be announced at the launch of Go Red For Women 2009 at The Singapore Flyer on the 10th of Febuary 2009. will update once i have more information! :)

if i forget tho, click here