behind the scenes

yesterday ben and i were at Neng’s shooting for THE CLOSET LOVER…

here are a couple of behind the scenes shots before we get the final photos.


was trying to see if i would fit into the suitcase for some really contorted shots but i think it’s just a tad bit too small! and probably thanks to this i’m aching all over today! it really hurts! my ribs especially!

img_3221 final5322_02

left : my favourite dress from the shoot! it reminds me of the dress i saw on PIXIE MARKET by Lily Kitty (right) that cost $96 and is sold out!

i absolutely love the double skirt!



who wears it better?


ben takes pride in his FARTS.

one person’s pleasure is another’s poison. RUN!


anyway, this is LILAC! Neng’s very friendly and obedient doggy.

when she licked my leg once and i said don’t lick my leg cos i was so sweaty and she looked at me and just sat down hahahaha

and then after braving one stinky bus ride, we finally settled down for SUSHI! and sashimi of course…



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