My First Ever Halloween (2010)

This is like wayyyyy overdue. I was surfing STOMP, waiting for Fash Mob pics to go live and started back-tracking albums and found a photo of Paul and myself from Halloween 2010!


…By the end of the night everyone was calling me shuttlecock girl, badminton lady, mickey (cos of my leggings). The name really stuck so I used it for saturday’s mob. You might have already seen photos of me in JUICE & Rhythm tho.

Last year was the first time I actually did anything on Halloween. And of course, where else could I have gone to but Butter. Afterall, Bobby & Ritz are known for throwing crazy parties, even more so for Halloween!

I had tons of fun that night, albeit getting poked by the shuttlecocks and making very inconvenient bathroom visits. Guess I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Ben was supposed to be the human spaghetti but no one knows where his costume went. I wonder if it even existed. Both he and Dave ended up as well, clowns. The face paints were mad crazy that night! (I had fake lashes on for the first time in my life, and removing them later really hurt!)

That’s Paul below. He always “bullies” me when he sees me even tho I’m older. Thank god the shuttlecocks served as a little deterrent that night… And that’s Vanessa with the keyring I made her for her birthday! :)

The night ended with supper with the guys from ACTYOAGE. Ming gave me those bunny ears but I have no idea where I put them since….

Well, that’s my first ever halloween for you. Way overdue but I hope it brought some amusement nonetheless. I’m waiting for more photos from Fash Mob before I blog about it… And I have loads of exciting stuff lined up for you girls this year! =) ♥ jean

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