So much ANGST.

so, friday was good friday right? and we went for mass… where we sat, there was this family behind with a small girl… she started making soooo much noise i mean, she’s not small like a baby, she’s at least 6 i reckon. she kept whining, whining and whining…”i’m hungrrrryyyyyy i’m hungryyyyy i’m hungryyyyyy” in the most annoying tone! we turned to look a few times, after which her dad tried to shuuush her, but guess what? then the mum starts talking loudly too.

i mean that was bearable, until this young couple came and sat in front of us. the girl, god. i don’t even know where to begin. the moment they sat down she wrapped her arms around her bf’s body. as if they were in the cinema watching a movie… totally oblivious to the entire congregation in front of them. it got worse. she kept pulling him closer to her, whispering ever so often, and even kissing his cheek!


i really had have a mind to tell her off, mummy was getting really annoyed too. so we decided to move to the upper floor. but goshhhhhhhhh! from upstairs, it was an even more annoying sight! throughout like 2 hours of the mass, never once did she stop trying to touch her bf. even when kneeling she had to have her arm wrapped around his. seriously, was she that afraid he would run off during mass or what?

for god’s sake really. have a little consideration for others who are actually there to attend mass?

anyways, ben and i went for dinner at AMK hub, then went walking around after… i turned the corner and saw…

RUBI was having a MASSIVE SALE!

that’s not why i got mad, why would i? well they had this offer, ANY 2 SANDALS FOR $20. i thought it was too good to be true, so i went to ask one of the sales girls and she said the 2 pairs i picked were part of the offer. but when i went to pay, the cashier said it wasn’t.

the pair in question? a pair of black elastic band wedges.

she said “oh this is not a sandal, this is a wedge.”

fyi, that particular design was placed under the huge offer sign, i was quite ready to “fight my case”. but i decided to ask the girl i asked the first time, in front of the cashier. and suddenly the cashier said, “oh we just checked again, it is.”

you should have seen ben’s face, he was so so mad. i was too. i was short of telling her she should have come and inform me after she had verified it. but they looked so young, probably about 17? you can’t really blame them for not being properly trained can you? i mean, who leaves two 17 year olds in charge of a store just like that?

i’m still contented with my $25 bargains…

( yes $25 for all these! )

the gold ones didn’t fit quite right, but i’ve managed to make them fit! i’ll do a post on that another day soon!

ps : i’m not sure if the sale is islandwide, but you girls should definitely go grab some bargains! :)

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