summer is here.

i’ve had my eyes on that marc jacobs striped maxi since march, but never got it cos.. until today i still can’t justify spending $500 on a dress with a brand tag. honestly, i’m not that much of a “brand person”, the design is what matters most to me, and since my dear girls at the closet lover (which i used to model for) brought in an inspired piece at a fraction of the price, i decided to add it to my wardrobe for summer! :)

i don’t think i had anything this bright & cheery in my wardrobe, until now that is. it goes really well with the cropped denim jacket i bought from topshop recently, can’t wait to have some summer fun! :)

my bangs have grown out now, don’t think i’ll be wearing bangs for summer, so it’s back to the old me! xoxo

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