ebony & ivory

hope i have time to go down to topshop to get this black dress today… or maybe tomorrow.. i tried a size 10 cos that was the only one left at raffles. it’s hugeeee! so i got them to check for smaller sizes. the staff at raffles city were supposed to call me after they confirmed the reservation at ion but they haven’t called since monday? they better still have the dress! hmpfff :/

it might take a bit of getting used to tho, i’m hardly ever so prim & proper.. but i did buy this!

definitely packing this for KL. lol

nicole was wearing it the other day and i fell in love with it. been looking for something like that for like, forever and i finally got it! a tad pricey for $93 tho haha! shhhhhhh.

post-shopping food coma, mimi & i ordered 2 soups, 2 side dishes, and i had green curry with rice. talk about being hungry. (go imagine) anyway, try the watermelon & lime drink at thai express! it’s awesome! now i don’t know which i like more, this or the raspberry smoothie from dunkin’ donuts. hmmmm

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