my 26th birthday at Lawry's The Prime Rib (via cinnamonsin)

after 3 days of celebrations, and 3 days of being back to reality, the fact that i’m already 26 still hasn’t really sunk in. butttttttttt, it was probably the best birthday ever! (or should i say so far in 26 years?) seriously, do you know anyone who celebrates their birthday for a whole 3 days?

the joys in my life right now, you should know all their names by now! and nicole of course, being nicole. she bought me those balloons and fyi, they’re still inflated and floating. i wonder if it will ever deflate?

mummy & daddy, who do i look like? everyone says i have mummy’s eyes, but that’s about it? :/

honestly i’ve never been the flower sort of girl. i used to be obsessed with blue roses at some point but that was a really long time ago and i never quite knew what to do with the flowers after they wither. i tried drying them to keep but then they just dry up and break down and become nothing. in the end i have to throw them away anyway..

the sunflower ed gave me :)

i never quite realised how cute sunflowers were. i have plans for this one when it withers… time to cultivate green fingers and try growing sunflowers outside my bedroom window! i hope it works? hahaha wish me luck! will probably need mummy’s expertise tho…

anyhoos! ed’s done a review on our dinner at Lawry’s! :)

Lawry's The Prime Rib ED: There’s something primal and prehistoric about having a gigantic roasted tenderloin trophy presented before everyone seated at the dinner table. My pupils enlarged and posture stiffened as the chef parked a shiny metallic sumo warmer right beside our table. The chef unintentionally teased us by lifting the lid once to check and everyone cranked their necks sideways just to take a peek! Which was a terrible mistake as the chef shut the lid and … Read More

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Peperoni Pizzeria (via cinnamonsin)

it’s big, it’s yummy, it’s… Peperoni’s 21 inch pizza!

guaranteed to WOW, the 21 inch looks intimidating in size, but is light enough to be enjoyed by the famous five.. i mean, the foodie five. we’re back in full force and ready to devour the world of hungry tummy-satisfying eats!

read more about Peperoni’s Pizzeria in ed’s post on cinnamonsin:

Peperoni Pizzeria ED: After parting ways and left to fend for our own stomachs, alas we are reunited once again. Us mentally corrupted foodies rolled out the map and marked out our next conquest. A cigarette lined with ashes resting steadily on the side of the lips, eyes squinting from the table lamp and hands trembling with hunger for yeast, we placed our mark. Peperoni Pizzerie. Nothing said. We jumped into the Mercedes mobile and Driver Jones sped through on co … Read More

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ramen redemption, or not.

okay this is way overdue! it’s so overdue that i had to check my foursquare log-in history to figure out when this was.. cos i was lazy to grab my moleskine. in a week, this post would be a month late. #fail

let’s see what i can remember about the food, it obviously didn’t impress me enough considering i’ve left this draft untouched for so long… the ramen was definitely better than what we had at Watami previously, but still, there must be better ramen out there!


the pork was pretty good, but as usual, not enough! and for some reason, mimi had a whole egg in her ramen while jones and i only got half each. so unfair…

the gyozas were pretty good!

oh look the bowl is bigger than my face!


i can’t remember what this was called… it’s chicken, & some vege… (duh)

sighhh…. i’m not doing a very good job with this am i? it’s almost 2am…  *feeling the heavy eyelids

i think i should go to bed.. i hope i have a dream that tells me where i can find the best ramen in singapore. if that doesn’t happen, can those of you who have had good ramen please leave me a comment? please, pretty please with tons of cherries on top! :)

♥ jean

more salted caramel ♥-in'!

more photos from our food escapades! see that top scoop at the back? that’s the strawberry ice cream i mentioned in my previous post. no fancy food colors! told you! :P the rest is earl grey…


( mmmmmm… ice cream art? ) the ice cream melts pretty fast tho… that’s my only complain.

i love how they have all the “flavors” hanging on the wall. the cookies & cream one is particularly cute! when we were there on sunday i “re-noticed” the stout & chocolate flavour that i failed to take note of the first time we were there. stout & chocolate, seriously? i don’t even like stout to begin with but… if it has made it to an ice cream tub it might be worth a taste the next time around… i’m still very skeptical.

for more on salted caramel, please read ed’s review on cinnamonsin :)

mimi, jones, & me!

( me in my duo front frills maxi from Faire Belle )

don’t forget to quote “JEANINE” when ordering to enjoy $2 off at Faire Belle! they just launched collection #70 last night & the pieces are lovely! i particularly love the orange chiffon maxi! by the way, if you girls missed the promo deets two posts ago, click here! ——>>> Faire Belle Promo

♥ jean

♥ salted caramel (via cinnamonsin)

mmmmmmmm I’ve been waiting for ed to blog about this! I’ve been to salted caramel twice in…3 weeks? both times i had the earl grey ice cream… when we were there on sunday with mimi, we tried the strawberry ice cream which is unlike your typical scoop of strawberry ice cream! no fancy pink food colorings that’s for sure.. if affogato makes your scoop, or maybe you have no idea what an affogato is… read on, and enjoy! :)

Salted Caramel ED: 15 years ago, mini me would beg mom and dad politely with puss in boots eyes for ice cream. If I was a good boy, theyd buy me a paddle pop. (Zzz) Or maybe a waffle ice cream from ice cream uncle. What ever type of ice cream i would shut up and eat, and be a happy kid. I only realized Ive been fooled all my life when i had Swensons for the first time. On the contrary, kids these days are spoiled for choice for many new brands of ice cream. B … Read More

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En Grill & Bar

gosh! i’ve been feeling like quite the glutton the past couple of weeks. i’ve either been hovering around the kitchen, or scooting around to fancy schmancy places. earlier this week, the original trio of the mentally corrupted foodies attacked En Grill & Bar.

In 25 years of my life, (okay almost 26), i’ve never really fancied sashimi. perhaps cos all my parents eat is salmon sashimi, and too much of it just doesn’t entice me… BUT! since i started stepping out of my food comfort zone, i must say, i am, quite possibly in love with sashimi. it’s my tastebuds’ new found love! 

the serving was such that we each had a slice of everything… (really wished we had doubles!) in an instant all my prior reservations of having raw fish meat in my mouth vanished into thin air..

  we ordered a plate of yakitori which consisted of 5 variations… tomato bacon cheese, chicken balls, enoki maki, ebi, and i can’t remember what the last one was called. who’d have thought cherry tomatoes go so well wrapped with bacon & cheese? (but then again you can’t really go wrong with anything that’s got bacon & cheese in it, can you?)

pasta at a japanese restaurant? i had my doubts at first but boy was i proven wrong. the sauce was creamy yet so very light. it is unlike your typical carbona pasta that causes your eating speed to slow halfway, you just want more and more with this one! and the texture of the spaghetti was simply perfect. sprinkled with seaweed shreds in pure japanese fashion! i’m definitely going back for seconds, and this time i want one to myself! :P

i’m gonna interrupt with a photo of mimi & me. cold sake ftw! mimi says she likes this photo cos i look cute. honestly, i look at it and all i notice is that my cheeks are getting chubby again.

ps : i made that turban headband from extra length of a dress that i altered.

now back to the food… next up, kurobuta pork and salmon carpaccio! the pork was a little on the dry side but yummy no doubt. the salmon could have been a little bit more salty, and i’ve never quite been a fan of rocket greens… but i must say they do a fair job in balancing out the taste.


now, what would a japanese place be without sushi?

 crab rolls and ebi tempura crunchy rolls. these got abit messy cos they aren’t exactly “bite size” and tend to crumble quite abit. don’t expect to look elegant if you’re ordering this. i wouldn’t really worry tho, since food is meant to be enjoyed with anyone & everyone, especially loved ones. if your partner has issues with you looking “unglam” while savouring someone’s cooking, i say ditch him! (but please don’t say the advice came from me.)

 you’d expect us to be too full from all that food, but noooo. i insisted we have dessert. i absolutely loved the green tea ice cream with azuki (red bean) pancakes. the custard pudding was pretty normal, i could easily make it at home so you might want to skip that. but the azuki pancakes are really worth trying altho a tad pricey. 

overall, it was a great evening with great company.. the bill came up to slightly over $50 per person cos we had 2 “glass jugs” of sake and quite abit of food. sushi & sashimi is 50% off during happy hour (6pm-8pm on weekdays), and certain beverages are 30% off. i really hope i’m getting the deets right, i promise i’ll pay more attention to details from now on. i usually get too engrossed with the food to remember such things. (my bad!)

En Grill & Bar is located at :
207 River Valley Rd #01-60 
UE Square Singapore 238275
Telephone: +65 6732 6863
Opening Hours: 
Mon to Thurs 6pm to 2am / Fri, Sat & Eve of PH 6pm to 3am / Sun closed
go to their website :

 don’t forget to e-file your income tax by monday! i’ve just submitted mine this afternoon. until our next food escapade (which will be sooner than you can imagine), keep those rumbling tummies filled & have a smashing weekend!

♥ jean

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