my 26th birthday at Lawry's The Prime Rib (via cinnamonsin)

after 3 days of celebrations, and 3 days of being back to reality, the fact that i’m already 26 still hasn’t really sunk in. butttttttttt, it was probably the best birthday ever! (or should i say so far in 26 years?) seriously, do you know anyone who celebrates their birthday for a whole 3 days?

the joys in my life right now, you should know all their names by now! and nicole of course, being nicole. she bought me those balloons and fyi, they’re still inflated and floating. i wonder if it will ever deflate?

mummy & daddy, who do i look like? everyone says i have mummy’s eyes, but that’s about it? :/

honestly i’ve never been the flower sort of girl. i used to be obsessed with blue roses at some point but that was a really long time ago and i never quite knew what to do with the flowers after they wither. i tried drying them to keep but then they just dry up and break down and become nothing. in the end i have to throw them away anyway..

the sunflower ed gave me :)

i never quite realised how cute sunflowers were. i have plans for this one when it withers… time to cultivate green fingers and try growing sunflowers outside my bedroom window! i hope it works? hahaha wish me luck! will probably need mummy’s expertise tho…

anyhoos! ed’s done a review on our dinner at Lawry’s! :)

Lawry's The Prime Rib ED: There’s something primal and prehistoric about having a gigantic roasted tenderloin trophy presented before everyone seated at the dinner table. My pupils enlarged and posture stiffened as the chef parked a shiny metallic sumo warmer right beside our table. The chef unintentionally teased us by lifting the lid once to check and everyone cranked their necks sideways just to take a peek! Which was a terrible mistake as the chef shut the lid and … Read More

via cinnamonsin

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