chit's bar & restaurant

we had a very impromptu dinner threesome last sunday. tucked away in changi, this is not somewhere you would stumble upon, unless you have a car and decide to go on a food hunt. jones insisted we have dinner so he came to pick me up after church and went back to his place to swop cars and went to get mimi!

jones’ bacon cheeseburger $15.50

i thought it was okay, he thought it wasn’t up to par. i guess everything tastes good when you’re mad hungry. my choice didn’t disappoint.

veal bratwurst sausage with potato mash and vegetables $18.00

somehow i realised i make expensive food choices most of the time… but, in defense, that doesn’t make me high maintenance! and yes, i love my meats :)

mimi’s spicy thai seafood salad $16.50

i didn’t really try much of this but it was really quite a small portion, obviously wasn’t substantial enough and we had to order chicken wings which were kinda pricey at $11.50 for 5 wings. or is that normal? :/

we also had a round of drinks, coronas are $9 a bottle, pina colada’s are $14 a glass, mimi had a strawberry milkshake for $7.50 and they charged us $5.50 for a bottle of panna water! was telling jones we could drink sea water and get happy hallucinations…

overall the food was okay, the ambience was really nice BUT! here’s the big BUT. watch out for the sandflies, i became a blood sacrifice that night suffering over 10 sandfly bites which have been killing me the past few days while jones & mimi didn’t get a single bite. you know they say life is unfair but yea what’s a little blood sacrifice for your friends eh? :/

chit’s bar & restaurant is located at :
11 Changi Coast Walk Singapore 499740
6214 9168 // Open Daily 12pm-12am

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