mommy beginnings?

ever since we had that hotel party, the bunch of them have been calling me mommy cos apparently the photos of me in the kitchen look motherly. seriously? (i’ll upload those in another post so you all can tell me if it’s true..) but i guess it’s not a bad thing to want to cook for people you love and actually enjoy it. some people see cooking meals as a chore and thats not nice!

today’s lunch : potato salad with bacon, eggs & parmesan croutons

food always tastes better when it’s cooked with ♥. it doesn’t have to be 5-star restaurant standard, but there’s always this warmth that comes with home cooked meals… jones said i’ll make a good mommy! i sure hope so, that’s if i  ever become one. :/

after lunch : strawberries & kiwi in lemon honey

i’ve become more experimental of late.. and i’ve been grocery shopping a lot more than usual, but grocery shopping can get a little mundane if you do it alone. it’s fun when you have someone to pick up groceries and plan menus with.. the icing on the cake would be being able to cook meals together! i remember back in poly i used to cook with my ex’s mom sometimes.. but he wasn’t a big fan of being in the kitchen from what i remember and we didn’t really last very long anyways.. boo.

i think being in the kitchen together can be so much fun.. think, flour fights! (okay i’m kidding) but, looks like that’s one more pre-requisite i’m adding to the list of qualities that make up the ideal guy for me! which shouldn’t be too hard to fulfill.. after all the males are dominating the kitchen these days.

..i secretly think guys who can cook are hot. okay, i guess that’s not very much of a secret anymore. but hey, if a guy wants to split the “obligations”, i know i’ll be more than willing to share the kitchen space. it helps a lot too, we’ll never go hungry!

breakfast in bed? :)

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