Picking the right knit!

Are knits really suitable for our hot weather? Well, yes, if you pick the right one. Afterall, we don’t get snow here and the only time a thick knit would be appropriate would be on a cold rainy day… Are we getting sucked in to fall fashion and buying knits just cos it’s the season’s must have? Maybe. You might want to keep these in mind when buying a knit to avoid an impulse buy!

♥ Is it too thick for our weather? Remember, thick knits also occupy A LOT of wardrobe space!

♥ How often do you think you will get to wear it?

♥ Does it compliment the other pieces in your wardrobe?

I personally like pieces that are versatile, I have to dark blue knit from Topshop which I actually modified slightly. I don’t just use it as a cardigan, but becos it is light and open front, I can just wrap it around my neck when the temperature doesn’t call extra warmth. Sometimes it makes more sense than having a shawl that is too long and has to be wrapped around your neck twice. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it if we HAD winter, but the fact is, we don’t.

I got this from Forever21 for $27! Nice and comfy with subtle gold threads woven in. :)

love, jean

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