Weekend DIY : Marc Jacobs-inspired Dog Bag!


Have you seen the new Marc Jacobs iPhone cases? They are springing up everywhere! Why don’t they make these for Samsung phones? *sulks


Anyway, last weekend I decided to DIY my own dose of cute and I thought I’d share a quick tutorial! :)


You’ll need :

  • A plain white tote bag
  • Pencil
  • Black acrylic or fabric paint (I used acrylic!)
  • Big and small flat brushes
  • Old newspapers
  • A steady hand and a good amount of patience!


First I drew the design on the tote (freehand), you don’t have to be exact but try not to draw into the white areas. Once you’re more or less satisfied with your sketch, time to paint! I like to start on the edges with a smaller brush and then fill in the larger areas later with a larger brush.

You might want to put a layer of newspaper in between the bag to prevent the paint from bleeding through! Don’t be in too much of a hurry to complete your project, make sure the paint is dry or be very careful not to smudge wet paint if you need to shift your work. This took me slightly over an hour to complete!


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2 Replies to “Weekend DIY : Marc Jacobs-inspired Dog Bag!”

    1. I got it online from Cotton On quite awhile back, they don’t have it online anymore though, maybe you can try looking for them in their stores. It’s actually from the Cotton On Body range. :)

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