Hey There Delilah Exclusives!

17th August Update:

Hi all! Please note that all 6 Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition necklaces have been sold. For those who are interested in Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 2.1 but didn’t get it, you will be contacted beforehand if a similar piece is to be released.

Thanks all, and have a fantastic weekend! xx


Hey girls! It’s been awhile since the last Perpetual Spring launch, but the Delilahs are back again!


It’s going to be a little different this time though, this launch will only be for 6 pieces of INSTOCK Hey There Delilah necklaces in 3 different colors. There won’t be exact color remakes of these pieces, so you have to be faster than ever to secure your piece! The rest who don’t manage to get one this time around will automatically be put on a “Hey There Delilah Priority List” to gain top priority when the next Delilah edition is launched! (I don’t know when yet)


Due to the limited availability of items, orders will be processed on a first comment basis. Some of you have commented before on earlier launches so your comments may show up immediately, this does not mean that your order is confirmed as there may be comments pending moderation before yours. Please be patient, you need not comment again if your comment does not show up immediately, especially if it is your first time joining us for a launch. Do refer to the things to note at the end of this post for full details. :)

I hope you girls will love these new pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them! Happy Shopping! :)



Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 6 – $45 (4 pieces in stock)

Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 6 picks up a mix of colors from the previously sold out pieces. With every new edition, picking a favourite out of the lot becomes more mind boggling, but this is my “favouritest favourite” right now and I just had to keep one for myself.

What’s not to love?

Subtle tones of peach, nude, tan and hints of gold specks come together to create a warm, vintage romantic feel making this the perfect piece for pairing with white maxi dresses and lace pieces. These gentle earth tones don’t scream for attention, but they’ll turn heads anyway. Not a piece to pass on!




Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 2.1 – $45 (1 piece only)

This is a very close remake to the previously sold out Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 0.2, which was one of the first in the Delilah range. Compared to the original version, this one is slightly more toned down but a lovely bouquet nonetheless. A very down to earth mix of ivory, nude and beige, this easily works as an everyday piece that will go well with light or dark colours. Nothing too loud so this is perfect if you’re just beginning to embrace florals! :)




Hey There Delilah Edition 3.1 – $45 (1 piece only)

Familiar? This is a slight modification of the previous Hey There Delilah Edition 0.3. I’ve changed the decimals cause 0.3.1 sounds a tad too technical. Embrace a bouquet of pale and deep mustards, ivory and taupe. This one’s for the girl who just wants to have fun! Rock this on a Monday and chase the blues away! It might just make everyone else around you that much chirpier! ;)


Things to note :

  • Orders will be processed on a first comment basis, all comments will be moderated.
  • Invoices for INSTOCKS will be sent out within 24 hours if your order is confirmed.
  • Please note that invoices will be sent out on a FIRST COMMENT BASIS, if payment is not made within the stated period, the slot will go to the next interested person.
  •  Prices listed do not include shipping costs. Items priced at $45 and above ship for free within Singapore by normal mail, AM mail/registered mail would be an additional charge of $2.80.
  • For orders below $45, the standard shipping costs apply. $2 for normal mail and $4 for registered mail.
  • Colors may reflect differently due to different screen settings, do allow for slight color variations. The pieces almost always look better in real life. :)


To order, please leave a comment with the following ordering format :

Your name :

Confirmed item : (The ones you really want to get your hands on)

Second choice : (You know, in case the one you listed above is sold out, this is optional.)

Mail option : Normal/Registered

Preferred payment : DBS/POSB/UOB


When you’re done, why not check out these selling posts? :)

>> Continue shopping! <<

22 Replies to “Hey There Delilah Exclusives!”

  1. Your name: lay fen
    Confirmed item: hey there Delilah luxe edition 6
    2nd choice: hey there Delilah luxe edition 2.1
    Mail option: normal
    Preferred payment: posb

  2. Hi,
    Please inform me if the items become available again.
    Thank you :)

    Your name : fang
    Confirmed item : Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 6, Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 0.2

    1. Hi Fang, there will not be any future remakes for HTD Luxe 6.
      By Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 0.2, do you mean the 2.1 in this post? Cos if you’re referring to the original 0.2, that one is completely struck off as well because I don’t have anymore of those fabrics.

      1. Hi,
        Yup, i’m referring to the 2.1 in this post.. Are there any in stock of similar designs? Or will you be remaking similar designs?

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