Sneeezy Wednesday

so many things to do and i’m so unmotivated to get them done :(

woke up with a runny nose and i’ve been sneezing ALOT! took one of those cold tablets and as usual, it’s making me really really drowsy…

anyway, meet my new parrot friend. (he’ll be up for sale soon)

it was originally full brass, but i saw this tropical parrot charm from Juicy Couture and decided i would paint the parrot and bring it to life! and i did earrings too!

okay not really anywhere near Juicy but still adorable i reckon! see more of Trippy the parrot soon! (how’s Trippy for a parrot name?)


speaking of which, i made a new bracelet today!

the font i used for “Love” is soooooo Juicy Couture!

and a really cute necklace…

i think i’m getting back into the swing of things, finally… about time too

all these and lots more new items should be up for sale soon! so don’t go too far.

love, jean

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