Spankin' New!

if you girls haven’t popped into the store recently, you should! the store has been revamped, i’m still tidying up the pages here and there, but i’m more or less done. a neater navigation bar on top to replace the old side bar that was wasting too much space…

this is it… well, part of it anyways.

i’ve just added 7 new bracelet designs… and there are tonsssss of new earstud designs in store too… but don’t miss these! i won’t be restocking them once they’re sold out… if it’s gone, it’s gone.

and everyone’s loving these new hand drawn pieces!

more colors available in store!

got an iphone 3g? get cosy!

I’ll be updating items more frequently, and will be working on a couple of new pages… sneaks soon!

mmmm yea it’s saturday night and i’m here. i’m getting too old for partying all the time… plus i just can’t stop creating. happy sunday ya’ll!

♥ jean

From Home with ♡

Everyone seems to be going for florals these days! The flowers are inspired by my Juicy Couture wallet which I will soon have to replace cos it’s getting kinda… worn out… :(

This one is a gift from Madeline to her friend Eileen who is studying overseas…

Did a simple postcard design on the front with the name “Eileen” embroided on it. The stamp is also customised! Hope Eileen will like this Madeline! :)

It’s Fridayyyyy! What’s everyone up to today? I’m still having second thoughts about heading out cos of the amount of stuff I’m supposed to finish this week… We’ll see how that goes!

Christmas is now under a month away!

Please send in your customisations requests for Christmas in advance to avoid disappointment closer to the date. It’ll also allow me to put more time and ♡ into creating your gifts :)

Last minute shopping isn’t exactly very effective, it’s actually pretty stressful! Give your loved ones something special, let me add a personal touch to your gifts this Christmas :)

Anyways, it’s not 154am, I’m trying to meet my 2am bedtime! Good night ya’ll!

♥ jean

Sneeezy Wednesday

so many things to do and i’m so unmotivated to get them done :(

woke up with a runny nose and i’ve been sneezing ALOT! took one of those cold tablets and as usual, it’s making me really really drowsy…

anyway, meet my new parrot friend. (he’ll be up for sale soon)

it was originally full brass, but i saw this tropical parrot charm from Juicy Couture and decided i would paint the parrot and bring it to life! and i did earrings too!

okay not really anywhere near Juicy but still adorable i reckon! see more of Trippy the parrot soon! (how’s Trippy for a parrot name?)


speaking of which, i made a new bracelet today!

the font i used for “Love” is soooooo Juicy Couture!

and a really cute necklace…

i think i’m getting back into the swing of things, finally… about time too

all these and lots more new items should be up for sale soon! so don’t go too far.

love, jean

Addicted to JUICY

somehow my wallets don’t last me very long… i have a few wallets from GUESS, but i never really used them… (i’ll probably try to sell them off soon, they’re in perfect condition!) the one i’m using now is getting kinda cranky too with the turn lock so i decided to look for a new one…  couldn’t quite decide what to buy so i figured for once i should stop buying cheap wallets and get a good one!

found this gorgeous JUICY COUTURE wallet on ebay! it’s a darling! i fell in love with the colors the moment i saw it!

and it’s mine now! can’t wait for it to arrive!

i’m so addicted to JUICY right now… i can’t stop looking at all the charms they have… gosh they carry a heavy price tag too. lol

ps : i’m letting JUICY inspire my new designs… :)

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