28th april 225am update :

the problem has been solved! YAY!

if any of you are still experiencing trouble with accessing the store, please let me know! :)

love, jean

i’m experiencing some technical issues with my website (jeaninegabrielle.com) for some reason, the page just refuses to load! i’m hoping the problem gets fixed soon, otherwise yahoo is gonna be in for a lot of complains from me!

i’m actually thinking of doing a revamp before my 25th birthday… clean up the site and change the look abit… any thoughts on this?

love the artsy fartsy style.. please leave your inputs, i’d love to gather as much feedback as possible before i go ahead with the revamp… and while technology is testing my patience, i did get some work done today… this one’s for Cherlyn! :)

anyhoos, that’ll be all from me for today. i’m feeling quite bumped becos of the website issue…

got a date with my favourite dentist, Ian tomorrow!

not sure if i’m actually looking forward to it but oh well, who can escape a visit to the dentist’s office every once in awhile? grrrrrrr. hope everyone had a better start to the week than i did! :S

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