FREE SHIPPING THIS WEEK- Extended up to 6th June!

for the benefit of those who haven’t had time to shop during the week, i’m extending this offer to last over the weekend!

yupppp, i’m celebrating my birthday by offering free shipping this entire week!

please read terms and conditions below :)

i’ve just added almost 30 new items to the store over the past week, and might add more before this promotion ends, so please do take advantage of it! if you’re worried about items selling out but want more time to shop, just drop me and email with the items you’d like to purchase. you can make payment item by item, that way i can hold your order and ship them all at once.

i apologise in advance if i take longer than usual to reply to emails this weekend! i’ll be celebrating my birthday and partying at night, followed by the Maybelline road show on saturday. (hopefully i don’t show up looking like a zombie)

have a fabbbb weekend everyone! :)

lotsa love, jean

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