deviled eggs & honey pancakes

i had been craving deviled eggs for the longest time! think the last i had deviled eggs was when we went to Overeasy.. or was it Infusion? i can’t remember, but anyhoooos! i was really craving deviled eggs yesterday so i decided to make them for brunch earlier…

they’re actually really easy to make! i didn’t have bacon strips tho, so i used the canned luncheon meat with bacon as a sub. i know, i use luncheon meat ALOT! careful when you’re frying them tho, they tend to pop quite abit. (think popcorn)

if you can boil eggs, you can make deviled eggs, okay? this is a really simple version tho, just to satisfy my taste buds so don’t expect anything over the top. it’s basically just dishing out the egg yolk and adding mustard, mayo, a bit of butter, salt, and pepper. i don’t really measure everything so just taste as you go! you can add some hot sauce to up the “devil-level” if you want but i am more than happy with my “bacon bits”.

everyone knows i love pancakes. i made honey pancakes for a change today and loved it! there was something about the taste, now i’m thinking i want to make them again tomorrow.. they’re too good! plus the inside was nice and moist, a bit like muffins actually.. mmmmmmm

hope everyone’s holding up midweek, the weekend is creeping in, and i’m off to En for some japanese food lovin’ with Jones & Mimi tonight!

much pancake ♥, jean

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