experimental kitchen

today i woke up with a mad craving for something that would make me happy… so i went through my list of happy food! pancakes, done that too many times. scrambled eggs, same. and then i thought of something i’ve never gotten down to trying. (okay make that three…)

rosti with gruyere cheese, bacon, poached egg & hollandaise sauce…

yesssss i made everything from scratch! pretty proud of myself i must say, it turned out pretty good for a first try. :D

the weather is so warm these days it’s not even funny. i still feel zombified from the weekend.. got home at 545am on sunday morning after a night of fun at butter, got to bed at 615am and was up at 9am for church! although i pretty much caught up with lost sleep last night, the heat is really not helping! :(

gonna try to catch up with work now that the sun has gone down… although the heat is still pretty much trapped.. xoxo

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