Baileys The VERY Mischievous Bunny

Baileys after his “rinseless bath”, becos, this little fella absolutely HATES being wet. he freaks out when he gets wet, so… no wet baths.

i didn’t realise until i uploaded this photo to my laptop that he actually stuck his tongue out when i took this photo! and then… about 20 mins after i took the photo, i was surfing facebook and suddenly my mum goes

“JEANINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE JUMPED OUT!!!!”

honestly i was confused for a good 5 secs, he jumped out? who jumped out? then i realised she was referring to Baileys! so i ran out and there he was, hopping around under the dining table. he jumped out of the playpen, and fyi, it’s about 60cm high. seriously i had a hard time chasing him cos he started dashing all over the hall and hiding under tables… i was really worried he would bite into the cables! thank god i managed to catch him before he did anything tragic.

oh well, i’m finally getting back into the swing of things. made lots of new stuff! but i’m getting kinda sleepy so, i’ll update later.

toooodles! :)

2 Replies to “Baileys The VERY Mischievous Bunny”

    1. haha not really, only about 5 mins trying to catch him and half an hour later trying to recover from shock. LOL my dad said “GOOOD BOY! CLEVER!” i’m like… >_<

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