Wednesday's Dose of Cute!

so, i was making new woodtile rings, and came up with a couple of random phrases. then i was looking at 3 of them, and realised something kinda ironic.. does anyone else see how they link up somehow in a sick way? lol

what better way to express yourself eh? :)

i’ve always had this thing with chinese characters, if i ever get a tattoo, it’ll probably by a chinese character. here are two rings that’ll remind you to be strong when life throws you a curve ball, and live life to the fullest!

Endure, and dance…

and… i made new ear studs! (finally! i know!)

the ninjas have already been in the store for awhile, but i thought it’d be fun to make a couple out of them,

meet Mister & Miss Ninja, and the wide-eyes pandas!

these cute, quirky ear studs are going for $7 a pair. each pair is hand drawn so do allow for some “differences” :)

please note that shipping costs are not included in the prices stated above.

i customised this pair of ear studs just for Pei Yi! seems like i’m not the only one around here who’s in love with this black and white furball afterall…

and, this bracelet is a farewell gift customised for Farah’s friend who’s leaving for France! LUCKY GIRL! i’m sure your friend will appreciate the sweet gesture :)

this isn’t all that’s new, but i’ll keep the rest for another post cos… they’re Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces! :)

till the next post…

love, jean

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