Boxed up Baileys

Baileys’ latest new toy… a plastic box-like thing… ben’s been complaining about how i’m spoiling Baileys with so many new things all the time… but i have to keep his mind active right?

speaking of which, i finally tried taking him out on a leash, which wasn’t exactly the best idea.

i ended up running after him like a mad hatter. i’m serious. the speed at which he hops is no joke. he runs at high speed, and suddenly stops and i end up like a metre ahead of him when i manage to stop myself… the kids around here were pretty amused tho… adults too. i bet they’ve never seen a rabbit running around on a leash. :P

getting him back in to the house was a dreadful task too. he kept running back out! i ended up with lots of scratches all over my arms trying to catch him… :(

One Reply to “Boxed up Baileys”

  1. Baileys looks soo adorable and photogenic!!! I never had a rabbit before but I’m sure that he brings u bundles of joy. :) pls blog more about Baileys… love the cute pics! Bet that Bailey is your fav drink!

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