fruity monday!

i was roaming in Watsons yesterday and this particular skincare range really caught my eye! So i googled it when i got home…

Picture 10Picture 1


so that’s the one that was sold out! :(

i had to talk myself out of buying a whole load of them on impulse cos the packaging is oh so cute, and the prices are pretty affordable too. $9.90 for a tube of mask, that’s okay, right?

meanwhile i can’t wait for my order from Mario Badescu to reach Audrey in LA. she’s gonna send it to me along with a whole lot of other stuff that i wanted. Here’s what i ordered from Mario!

1. acne repair kit

Picture 14Picture 15Picture 12

The perfect acne kit. Everything you need to get acne erupted skin looking clear and healthy is in this kit in full sizes. Our world famous Drying Lotion (1oz.) clears up whiteheads overnight while our Drying Cream (0.5 oz.) conceals blemishes as they heal, and Buffering Lotion (1 oz.) helps fight larger areas of deep eruptions and helps prevent new acne before it starts.

2. special healing powder

Picture 16

Heal and conceal acne breakouts with this specially formulated, Sulfur based powder that absorbs excess oil and reduces redness and irritation caused by breakouts. May be applied to skin to help control surface oil, disinfect and calm acne prone areas. Works wonders to quickly dry up open, infected pimples.

3. silver powder

Picture 17

For excessive, stubborn blackheads, this oil absorbent powder will help to unclog congested pores. Prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion. You will see a remarkable difference after one application.

aren’t we all just suckers for products that claim to do wonders for our skin?

But, celebrities love Mario for the miracle working products, and ‘m dying to give it a go!

happiness in the mail, coming soon… :)


♥ xoxo ♥

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