Vintage Living

i’ve been randomly surfin the web lately… and finds like these are my favourite! i’m a sucker for vintage anything… altho how my room is done up now doesn’t reflect my love for vintage at all… but then again, i don’t really have the liberty of turning the whole house vintage, and having just one vintage room would be totally odd…

so i’ll have to deal with just admiring photos for now!


notice the disco ball in the centre of the room… it’s so disco and yet the rest of the room is so chic and sophisticated!


i could deal with a sleeping in such a bedroom… in fact, it’s very me… who said chandeliers are only for the halls or living room spaces? they add that element of romance to a bedroom i reckon. throw in the dimming function!


here’s another bedroom i like. very very much… it must be the pillows… i love pillows! i have like (hang on let me count) 4 pillows plus a really long one, totally 5 on my tiny super single bed!

i also love how the white in the room doesn’t come off as boring… the earthy, neutral tones are also very comforting… if only i have a room this big.

and now for some randoms…


….how can you not love vintage?

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