bye bye bangs?

i think i look like two completely different persons with & without bangs.. you reckon? i really hate the “in-between length” tho… you know, when your bangs get too long and start poking into your eyes, yet it’s too short to side sweep. urghhhh the agony.

i got bored of just pinning back my bangs so i tried to pin it sideways the other day.. and then this is me with bangs… i think it looks more edgy, but it also makes me look 19 (so say most of my friends…)

like my kickass leggings? i got them from topshop! i think that’s the absolute craziest piece i’ve ever worn, not to mentioned paired with a furry throw over. my “combat boots” i previously got from earl grey party never fail me. everyone’s always asking me where i got them! but i think i’m gonna need to own a pair of doc marts soon-ish.

and so the debate continues, bangs or no bangs?


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