Spankin' New!

if you girls haven’t popped into the store recently, you should! the store has been revamped, i’m still tidying up the pages here and there, but i’m more or less done. a neater navigation bar on top to replace the old side bar that was wasting too much space…

this is it… well, part of it anyways.

i’ve just added 7 new bracelet designs… and there are tonsssss of new earstud designs in store too… but don’t miss these! i won’t be restocking them once they’re sold out… if it’s gone, it’s gone.

and everyone’s loving these new hand drawn pieces!

more colors available in store!

got an iphone 3g? get cosy!

I’ll be updating items more frequently, and will be working on a couple of new pages… sneaks soon!

mmmm yea it’s saturday night and i’m here. i’m getting too old for partying all the time… plus i just can’t stop creating. happy sunday ya’ll!

♥ jean

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