The Plain White Tee

I’ve been looking for a nice fitted white tee for the longest time, and yesterday i got this v-neck from Aeropostale for just $7! The cut is absolutely amazing. All of us need at least one plain white tee that flatters your figure. It’s like your “life line” on days when you think you look like crap in anything and everything.

I still can’t believe it was just $7. I got it from a vendor at the atrium of Thomson Plaza. Not sure how long their “shop” is gonna be there, but you girls should definitely pop by if you’re in the area.

I got this hoodie for $20!

i fell in love with it the moment i saw it. love love love the plaid interior on the hood! and yesterday was the first time in ages that i put on my skinny jeans… ughhh it’s still abit loose at the top tho. i want new blue faded skinnies… but i doubt Uniqlo has any at the moment…

anyways, they were also selling tons of bags from Cath Kidston, somewhat like these…

i was soooo tempted to buy a white/blue polka dot one but i stopped myself cos i don’t know if i have room for anymore bags right now…  but they were really cheap like $20-ish?

definitely gotta sell some of my bags, clothes, shoes really soon… i previously posted some, if you girls are interested, please click on DESTASH on the top navigation menu!

i think i’m doing a pretty good job with keeping to my “one post a day” resolution….

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