Hydrate with Hada Labo

got my full size Hada Labo samples last week, courtesy of Fr3b!

i’ve been using the facial wash and hydrating lotion twice daily for about 3 days, and i love how it make my skin feel! it does exactly what it says, leaves skin fully hydrated and soft. i know you must be thinking that this won’t be suitable for you if you have oily skin, but remember, even oily skin needs to be hydrated! i have combination skin and it works really well! in fact i reckon my makeup goes on and stays on better too!

you only need a tiny pea size squeeze of the facial wash, it lathers up really well. same with the hydrating lotion, just 3 to 4 drops will do the trick, and my skin drinks it up in seconds! would i buy the rest of the Hada Labo range? definitely worth considering!

But for now, you girls can grab free samples, and then decide if you want to put your money on it!

( Click here to get your FREE Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Hydrating Lotion Sample )

PS : Redemption ends on the 15th of July 2010, so hurry grab yours and tell all your girlfriends!

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