The Messes We Make…

When I look back at past arguments, I forget why I was even angry then.
All the time we wasted being angry, it makes no sense at all. All the grudges we held on to, just to bring into another argument; building walls of defense around us as a result.

We’re always looking for someone to blame, for the things we could not do ourselves, never realizing that the only person to blame was ourselves all along. It’s stupid, it really is. I guess we just never learn to learn…

We’re always worried about the journey ahead, how we’re going to get there, always afraid to fail. We forget that with an end in mind, it just takes a leap of faith to get there. If only we trust in each other and keep on dreaming the same dream.

One day I’ll hold your hand again, and together we’ll look back at all the messes we made and have a good laugh. Like how we always dreamed about it from the start, we’ll only grow stronger and conquer this world together again…

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