Daisy Lowe is LOVE.

i was googling for new hairstyles and i came across some photos of Daisy Lowe. totally in love with her style. and now, i so want her hair… love the soft fringe, at least it’ll be easier to maintain than bangs… and the layers are so pretty too. altho i’m not half as hot as her, this is probably going to be my next hair do! now, if i can just decide where to go for a haircut…. chapter 2?

ps : if you’re wondering how i got the collage effect, i’m trying out this new site, PhotoVisi

It allows you to choose from a variety of layouts and a couple of themes… very easy to use, you can drag and resize and what not, and the best part is, it’s free! They have also developed a facebook application so you can create collages on facebook! how cool is that! definitely makes blogging with photos alot more interesting if you ask me… go give it a try! :)

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