176 hours and counting!

thanks to those who have helped my cause, Invisible Children, i’ve chalked up quite alot more hours of school fees in the past few days!

and my readers have helped accumulate 66 hours! so together, we’ve chalked up 176 hours of school fees for a Ugandan child! i think we’re doing great! :)

if you haven’t checked out Invisible Children’s site, you should! i just spotted something new in store!

i really want to get this soon before it sells out…

although US$79.95 is really quite alot to pay for a bag, i want to get it cos the proceeds go straight back to Uganda! these are all handmade and the cute thing about it is they come with tags of the name of the person who actually made the bag! and they’ve got videos up on the web to introduce you to the bag maker. it’s a really neat concept….

so… i’m actually hoping to “raise funds” to fund my donations by selling off my stuff. and if anyone’s considering getting me birthday presents, i’d love very much if they are from the Invisible Children store as well. it’ll be nice to know that i got something that helped improve someone else’s life.

( click here to view my destash )

fyi : i’ve actually slashed lots of prices cos i really have way too many things to sell off.

and know that you’ll be helping me help the children in Uganda :)

love, jean

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