The Fuzzie Wuzzies!

so, i’ve been practicing my needle felting skills… fyi, i broke all 3 of the needles i bought. thank god the lot of 24 i ordered from USA arrived the day after i broke all of mine.

anyways, meet the FUZZIE WUZZIES!

eyeballs, flowers, hearts, a perpetually surprised blob of gum…

what else should i make? hmmmmmmmmmm…

love them? i’d love to hear what you girls think of these new fuzzie wuzzie rings! :)

love, jean

6 Replies to “The Fuzzie Wuzzies!”

  1. cute fuzzie wuzzies!!!!
    altho the colour kinda blends in with the skin colour..
    but the hearts are super cute!! and i also thought the blob of gum was elmo.. lols..

    nice! (:

    1. its actually a pretty salmon pink, but the lighting when i took the photo really sucked! thats why the colors are a little off… i’m waiting for good light, but its hard cos there are workers doing painting just outside the window! lol

  2. gorgeous! and cute =) hope to see them up for sale soon! make some bunnies! i love so many of the things you made recently!

    probably not the right place to askm but…

    do you take requests for phone cozies? i would love a bunny one (i have a bunny in mind! my fav bunny toy! lol)

    and was wondering if you make something like this.
    my card tag looks so boring =( and i have to carry it around the whole day during work

    thank you~

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