Wardrobe SOS!

hot date? big party? no matter what the occassion, this has got to be the most frequently asked question among us girls…


well, fret not, cos you can always count on ClubCouture to have something in store for every occassion! from casual frocks and tops to pretty dresses that’ll make you look a million bucks…

so if you find yourself constantly stuck in a wardrobe rut, i hope these humble style tips will help :)

what’s brunch without florals? pair this with heels for a sophisticated chic look. the cute bow adds fun so you look polished but not too formal for an awesome sunday brunch! bring along a pair of pretty slip ons or flip flops if you intend to go on a shopping spree with the girls after, and dress it down with a cardigan to match.

i say bring on the champagne!

Every girl’s wardrobe should have one of these…

The Biker Jacket from ClubCouture $49

i wear mine with bodycon dresses and leggings ALL THE TIME! it’s comfy and effortlessly chic. perfect especially when you’re going to places like Zirca where the air-conditioning is crazy cold!

my favourite fool-proof combination?

tank top + leggings.

this combination has got to be my ultimate favourite! see, even real rockstars like Mae Sta swear by it!

i’m happy in just a white ribbed tank top , black lame leggings and heels, but if you’re worried that the look might be too simple, take it up a notch with these pieces from ClubCouture :

with the lace details running all the way up the sides, there’s no way you’ll go unnoticed! the necklace throws in a splash of boldness! i’ve gotten myself one even tho i make things like these. for $19, it’s definitely a steal! get them before they sell out!

( black lace leggings )

( satin necklace )

i would definitely wear this if i was still in school. but gosh, i’m done with the books! this is one of my favourite dresses at the moment. its fun, flirty, and i totallly love plaid! did you already know that? this dress takes me out with ben, and out on shopping trips.

doesn’t it remind you of a picnic mat? ben, when are you taking me out for a picnic?

well, i hope you girls enjoy this, cos i had tons of fun putting everything together. let’s bid wardrobe ruts farewell! :)


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love, jean

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