for weeks i have been contemplating chopping my bangs again…

i don’t know why, it’s like i want to and yet…

1. when you cut your bangs it takes at least a week to fall nicely into place.

2. once it grows you have to trim.

anyway when i came home from dinner, i suddenly decided i was gonna do it.

Photo 38

see how long my fringe had grown? and becos i previously did straight bangs, it’s just hard to let it grow out and push it to the side… it just won’t work… trust me, when i came home i spent about 10 mins staring at the mirror… walking all over the house. asking mummy if i should cut my fringe…

actually she said don’t.

cos apparently, i look “baby” with bangs. pppffft.

like everyone already thinks i’m 19… butttt after about 20 mins, i decided to do it anyway! haha! i wonder what ben is gonna say. maybe he won’t recognise me. the first time i chopped my bangs, he really didn’t recognise me! like he really stared at me and took awhile to realise it was me. hahaha funniest thing ever i tell you.

anyways, back to my hair-cutting dilemma…


yeap. did it. i don’t know if i did a good job… guess i gotta wait a couple days for it to fall back into place… but but, how does that look baby?

oh i totally failed my sleep early plan last night. i think i slept at 3? lol. i will try again tonight! before 2am! and it’s 121am now. i still have 39 mins to get my butt to bed! and later today, the return from the jungle! wheeee! stinkies!

night ya’ll! :)

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